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    At Hogsmeade and raising a Butterbeer to Carrie Warts.
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    Books, being creative, history, myths, wands and puzzles.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Sadly I shall be apparating from Hol for a while. I'm not sure when I will apparating back but this is not a goodbye as such, just a ttfn.

    Take good care of yourselves.

    Love to you all,







    1. Prof. Sky Alton

      Prof. Sky Alton

      Hurry back, Emerald! There'll always be a chair by the fire for you when you're ready to return and tell us all about your adventures.

    2. Emerald Wolvenhowl

      Emerald Wolvenhowl

      Thank you for keeping a chair for me, Sky, it is very comfy and cosy and lovely to be back to see you all. 

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