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  1. Congrats to all of the new staff! Reminds of my days as a Junior Prefect many moons ago. Ive since stumboled upon a bad luck charm and since dissapeared for a while from the common room. I hope to come back this coming school year and be more active and finally graduate!
  2. I am taking Famous Witches and Wizards in History Grindelwald's Crimes Herbology O.W.L.s Philosophy in Harry Potter Societies in Ruin Teaching Auror Training Level One!
  3. Why is this house so dead? missing the old dens and old Gryffindor let's bring it back.

  4. Welcome April, the month of fools Don't forget, Gryffindor rules Remember, it's still time for school Don't just sit on your wooden stool So, earn points and stay cool Spices will cheer for you, by the pool!

  5. I want too ask for everyone's prayers, me and my family are among the victims that got hit by Hurricane Sandy on Monday. I am currently living in a Hotel, been in a shelter since Sunday as we were orderd too evacuate our area. I live in New York City in one of the boroughs that got hit among the worst.Were not yet able to return too our home till it safe, no power and massive damage. I have minimal internet and phone lines. I hope too be back soon please keep us and the millions affected...

    1. Prof. Hailey Potter

      Prof. Hailey Potter

      I hate, hate, hate to hear that, Amanda. Stay strong, okay? <3

  6. Happy Birthday Amanda! Hope you get a wonderful day :)

  7. I love this purple!!!

  8. Hey guys I am conducting a survey for a class assignment can you take a few minutes to reply thank you https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGNDblNwZ0RmUmF3djRWV1VxM0xteGc6MQ

  9. Flowery hearts, wingely parts

    the house will show

    Where the points flow

    Where the contests grow

    That's where we'll meet you

    And gryffindor will glow like aneternal flow

    Greetings, Spice Squad!

  10. When you're eating turkey, Feeling kinda jerky

    As you're hanging up mistletoe & see old St. Nick ho-ho-ho

    Remember Gryff red & Slyth green-they're ahead of us for house cup, those fiends!

    Run off to do your homework, before you go eat more turk-ey!

    Happy holidays, The Spice Squad

  11. I am Canadian, residing in New York, I am half Italian and half Portugese. I was born in Canada, both parents born back in Europe.
  12. I used to play the Clarinet in grade 7-11 then I stopped and continued on with Choir instead. I was in the band for a few years. I haven't played in years though I dont even know if I still can.
  13. My favorite has to be Half Blood Prince and the Deathly Hallows.
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