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  1. Manya introduced herself to Elladora and she is so friendly. Both of them started discussing about the classes and Ellla asked her about the yuleball "I cannnot say anything, I am also new here, But yeah our Gryffindor Fest in on the way!" Then Rose came and the 3 of them started talking continuesly and Manya gave a muggle chocolate box to Ella, And she saw Gail, she waved at her and gave her the chocolate boxes too,. Manya found Elladora really interesting both of them come from mugggle families and she is very friendly, Rose left the table and went to Gail, Then Manya winked at Sebastien and said, "Well Sebastien, will you be my dance partner for the Yuleball?"
  2. I slap Sav for doing her first homework
  3. Manya went to give her seniors, prefect and headboy the muggle chocolate boxes, which was really hard to carry those boxes. She reached to their table and gave her seniors the the chocolate boxes. She noticed a Professor from the Slytherins table running towards the proffesors table hurrily. She returned to her table and Rose whispered in her ears " This is Prof. Will, I have heard about him". Manya said nothing and she saw a student splashing a pumpkin juice all over. She said " oh dear!! It is the 1st day in Hogwarts and look at her... I feel sorry for her!" But suddenly Prof. Tarma did a little charm from their table and all mess cleared. Manya was amazed! Being from a muggle family she knew nothing about magic and her mom would have scolded her so badly if she splashed the pumpkin juice like that! 'uffff!!!! This is just so fun here Rose!" then Carrie reminded Manya about class and homeworks. " Hahaha, I know right?" Said Manya. She noticed a Hufflepuff girl sitting beside Sebastien, she have not seen her before, She went there to introduce herself. edit: Rose gave me permission to speak for her.
  4. I will burst out in tears and lock myself in room. You are Hermione Granger and you see Ron flirting with other girls
  5. While Rose was discussing about Transfiguration with Manya, she saw another new face entering. Shes saw their seniors( Prefects, Head boy, Professors) discussing something together. She told Rose " I am feeling a little nervous dude!!" Then Rose said "It is fine, after all our first time at Hogwarts. They saw the house ghosts introducing themselves and waving at them, suddenly Manya receives an owl, It's from her family they sent her muggle chocolate boxes for her friends she gave Rose a chocolate box, then she went to Ivey, Sky,Prof. Tarma and Maxim to give them chocolate boxes!
  6. I slap Sky because she is the 1st person I met at HOL
  7. Planning about the homework with Rose, Manya saw many new faces, he saw a Gryffindor first year boy sitting at their right side, she gave him a smile. Then she saw their head boy talking with Ivey, She was so exciting seeing new faces that she almost forgot to grab some food. Everything was looking mouth watering, and she grabbed a bowl of pudding and stared at the door looking at may new faces entering hurrily!!
  8. I slap Rose, because she is doing her homeworks without me! :((
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