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    On my way to the library, anyone wanna join??
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  1. What's up guyssssssss??? 

    I have been a little irregular because I tested Covid positive few days ago!

    But the good news is I am alright now! :D 

    The fever has gone but weakness is on

    I missed HOL a lotttttttt!


    P.S- I should rush to library and complete my pending works!

    1. Raevia Ward

      Raevia Ward

      Gosh, I'm glad you're feeling better Manya! Hope you get even better quickly!!

    2. Manya Granger

      Manya Granger

      Thank You Raevia! 
      I hope you are doing all good! :DD

    3. Rose Pottermore

      Rose Pottermore

      Oh Manya, hope you'll be in perfect health soon. Was missing you a lot, good to see you back!

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