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  1. Happy start of term everyone!!! <3 There's so much going on, sign up for classes, take part in Magical Theatricals, and have a look around our new Gryff-only forum! Remember that house cup standings change quickly, so let's collect those points! Go Gryffindor!!! <3

    1. Carrie Warts
    2. Emerald Wolvenhowl

      Emerald Wolvenhowl

      Happy start of term to you too Ivey, have a fabulous time.  :) 

    3. Prof. Sky Alton

      Prof. Sky Alton

      Phew, we got there! Everything's in place, classrooms are full and people are happy. Now if anyone wants me I'll be napping *coughs* doing important paperwork in my study.

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