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  1. I’m aiming for the emerald ring!
  2. A blueberry tartlet and a bag of blue candies, please.
  3. I’m aiming for mystery item 2.
  4. I'll take a scarf, please!
  5. My avatar: My signature: My avatar is of a medieval woman, most likely a princess, looking over her shoulder in what appears to be a stone castle arch. She has blonde hair, and the bottom of the avatar has a god design, sort of like a railing. My signature is of a room with a mural on the sheiling, and a chandelier. You only see the very top of the room, and the colors seem to be rose gold / pink. It says "Duchess Adaleine Shuster" on it in a Gryffindor scarlet. Gold Awarded!
  6. In the pile is a ruby encrusted sword. It is bent backwards, and part of the handle appears to be chipped off. I believe that the original owner was riding on their horse when they stumbled upon a troll. The troll tried to kill them, but they succeeded in killing the troll with their sword. It was a long and hard battle, and by the end the sword was covered in slime. The owner washed it off in a nearby river, and continued on their way. They was going to meet the princess at the castle, and they couldn't have been more excited! They had been thinking about what to say since they found out that they had been chosen to meet the princess! They were almost at the castle, only an hour or so more, when their horse spotted a dog in the distance and started running! They took out their sword to try scaring the dog away. Unfortunately, the horse threw the owner off, and they fell with the sword facing down. When the sword hit the ground it bended, and the sword jumped on the handle as it was running, chipping a piece off.
  7. If anyone wants a pair of boots I'd be willing to trade for a donut and 20 gold pieces, specific blue items, a lion pin and a donut, or 30 gold pieces.
  8. I'm aiming for the blue handkerchief!
  9. I’m aiming for the Gryfftoberfest flag!
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