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  1. I slap Rose because nobody has posted here in a month
  2. Question 28: The person in charge of the cast and crew who works alongside the director
  3. Question 27: This show 12 Drama Desk nominations, and 8 Tony nominations.
  4. Question 26: This show opened at the Majestic Theatre in early 1975.
  5. Question 25: The term for where actors have to be on stage to keep the show moving.
  6. Question 24: This actor was the original actor for Elder Cunningham in The Book of Mormon on Broadway.
  7. Hallo My Name is Ameylia Octora 

    I'm a new here in first class 

    So please for a Become Friendship with me i happy if you make me Your friend 

     Thankyou ❤

  8. Question 22: A character in a show that is close to the lead, and may have a large part
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