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  1. Thank you to the organizers and my co-participants! It was a good activity to be back here. :)
  2. I give you, the Fake Mask! This sheet mask for your face is without smell, has good texture, and no side effects on your face. The face gives the people you interact with the illusion perfect for the situation you are in. You can activate one by applying the mask on your face and activating the mode of the mask, as follows: 1) class mode - the mask gives the attentive face mode - widely open eyes, nodding every 30 seconds. You can rest your sleepy eyes from some minutes in class with the use of this mask; 2) 1v1 mode - the mask mirrors the face of your companion or how one is expected to act in accordance with the situation - laughing, smile every now and then for jolly conversations and empathic face for sad conversations. Masks with additional tears can be purchased at a higher price. You can rest your face as needed in these highly demanding situations. I know all of us would want or need this mask sometimes. More modes are in the works.
  3. We were in Ollivander's that time, just revisiting the place, remembering what it smells and looks like. We saw a wand, but we knew from the start that it is a fake one. But curiosity is a deadly trait. We need to find out what it does. I gave it a wave and the embarrassing moment happened next. A loud voice came from the wand, saying "Gregorovitch's is better!" five times. I scanned the room. Good thing there is no one in our lane and I think the owner is in the back. I immediately dropped the wand, silently giggled with my companions, and silently walked to the door, and ran as soon as we reached the outside. That was a good adventure back then. Fake wands are fun; dangerous but fun!
  4. May I present to you the latest to be added to the Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes collection, the Tears of Joy (and Drama) candy. This candy, when digested, turns on your "best acting" hormones for the production of tears. This creates a flexible, wide-array of possibilities that you can utilize in your class absence ambitions. Wanting to get a day of absence? You can act as being in extreme pain causing the tears flowing down from your eyes. The extreme sadness of whatever reason you may think of can get you out of tight situations. The effect of tears may last up to 30 minutes, enough time to let your feelings of sadness and frustrations and pain go, adding to the naturalness of the whole situation. By then, you are outside the classroom halls feeling dry in your eyes and happy for the rest of the day. Though side effects may include uncontrollable laughing and smiling at times, to counter the low emotions previously felt.
  5. The firework I have in mind is inspired by the Howler. Any audio can be incorporated to the fireworks. The color and the form of the firework can also be magically planned. For example, recreating the grand escape of Fred and George Weasley is a good tribute with the use of this firework. We can hear Umbridge's shouts and struggles. The fireworks take the form of Umbridge's head glowing red in frustration. We could also her Fred and George's laughs on the background audio as well as the whole school cheering for them. The fireworks then turn into a calming yellow with the Hogwarts castle as its form as it subsides into a graceful ending. A movie firework is good. It is also commonly used in Valentine's Day and in proposals, it seems. Those purposes are for the miniature versions of this firework, one that a small group of people or the two of you can only see.
  6. To go alongside the mischief and chaos, I dress inspired by the Addams family. Shiny black hair, black clothes (minimal white), and black shoes (white socks maybe). I picked the black clothes that weighed the least. I may need to run, crawl, or hop in the craziness. The highlight is my small black pouch attached to my belt. This pouch has been blessed by the Extension Charm for all things needed such as several Weasley's Wizard Wheezes products, some snacks, and the teacher in me made sure I bring a first aid kit, or something along that effect. We will see which of these shall serve their purpose at month's end.
  7. Happy birthday, Ellie! Hope you had a good one.
  8. The Fat Lady, Good thing you are safe, and back! I am not much of a help. I was so close, stuck in brainstorming session with Sir Nick. But still, you're here and that's what matters. *nods* Thank you for the fun activities and the rubies. *adds them in my collection* :)
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  11. Thank you, Sky and Ada! I had fun answering the trivia questions and solving the puzzle tasks. :)
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