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  1. Happy Birthday Dario!! :) Hope you have a great one!
  2. The Cleansweep Award The Cleansweep award can be given only to the Hogwarts Gryffindor students once a year. It's a recognition for the student who's helped the most with cleaning and other maintenance duties in the Gryffindor Common Room.
  3. The headmaster was chosen almost in the same way as the champions in the goblet of fire. A white basin filled in half with water. When it was really needed to pick a new headmaster the basin would show their name written over the water in silver puffs of smoke. How exactly came the idea of using toilets as an entrance to the Ministry of Magic for the employees?
  4. Igor the Ill is a portrait on the sixth floor corridor. It portrays a young man around his 20's with a handkerchief in hands almost always trying to clear his nose. He mostly lies down on a bed which is portrayed behind him or sits in an old wooden chair at the side of the bed. The scene is not very interesting or fascinating so it goes mostly unseen by the passersby. He's wearing a very thick red jacket and gray woolen flannels. He has no shoes on just a pair of very bright orange socks with a stitched I on the side. Igor doesn't normally talk to people who pass by, he prefers to be alone and he has a very sad expression on his face all the time as though he'd given up. Hello, my name is Igor. Igor the Ill is what I've become later. I was born in a small seaside village in Spain. It was very cool down there, the weather used to be so warm and everything seemed to be perfect. You know a happy childhood. It was when I was 14 that I discovered that we were actually hiding in that small village. Our family was followed by the Death Eaters before the First Wizarding War because my father used to be an auror who fled Britain at some point in order to keep his family away from all the danger that was around. After the Death Eaters managed to localize our house we were forced to move to Russia, not exactly Russia but a very disassociated village in the cold snowy mountains of Russia. From the first day I set foot in that village I was ill, and it never got away. I guess it never will. I'm sad of the fact, yes, but hey I get to be warm and cozy here at least.
  5. I'd like to nominate as a unsung hero Ms. Susan Bones. Susan is a half-blood witch, it is unclear which of her parents is a wizard and which is not. She's sorted in Hufflepuff in the same year as Harry. Most of her family was murdered by Lord Voldemort or the Death Eaters during the First Wizarding War. During her sixth year at Hogwarts her aunt Amelia was also killed and this shocked Susan greatly. Despite all this Susan returned to Hogwarts for her seventh and final year knowing that it was directly controlled by the Carrows and the Second Wizarding War had officially started. As a member of the Dumbledore Army she fought in the Great Hall during the battle of Hogwarts and survived. All this in my eyes is extremely brave and courageous. Imagine the terror within her knowing that she will probably die based on the fact that almost all her family has died in the same way.
  6. Yes, the pieces stay broken. After you're finished playing you should collect most of them and put them back in the chess board, close it, shake it three times, and new pieces will appear inside the board. Who was the first to discover the Animagus spell and how did it happen?
  7. Barnabas the Barmy is a brave soul who tried to teach ballet to trolls because he thought that every creature had a soft side, and this was his way of showing it to the world. He was clubbed to death for this. A real unsung hero! What's the story behind the gloves of Boris the Bewildered being in the wrong hands?
  8. I tried! :P Avatar: Link here Signature: Link here
  9. Happy Gryfftoberfest everyone! May the insanity begin!

  10. Can't wait to see what this year's Gryfftoberfest motto will be!

  11. 4 monthly HWs&ECs done! One more class to go!

  12. Great, we passed from Google to Google Mobile creeping the Common Room. Hello there GM!

  13. You found me - The Fray True Love - Pink & Lily Allen Homeward Bound - Simon & Garfunkel
  14. Only 300 posts behind Hailey in the Common Room! Must. Catch. Up.

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      Mrs. H xD Or maybe Her Highness, Queen Hal. >__>

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      LOL Pat. If I could like that I totally would!

  15. Happy Birthday Liah and Lily!!! <3 Hope you have a great one!
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