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Gryffindor Common Room
Sky Alton

End of Term Awards (2019/2020)

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  It’s my privilege and pleasure to announce the Gryffindor awards for the autumn term!


  Before I begin, I just have to say that this was the most difficult term to judge I’ve had since joining the staff (and I’m not just saying that to be polite). We currently have so many talented, enthusiastic and hardworking lions that it was a struggle to narrow it down. If you missed out on an award this term, please don’t be disheartened: trust me, we see and value each and every one of you who contributes or makes an effort to brighten up the CR. If you keep it up, hopefully we’ll be honouring you with a shiny trophy next term.


  Let’s start with our points based awards:


The Platinum Quill award goes to @Iverian Gnash!

  This award goes to the Gryffindor who earned the most house points and with a staggering 2278 (509 points ahead of the 2nd place earner), Iverian absolutely knocked it out of the park this term.


The Phoenix Award goes to @Lora Wallabenger!

  This award is given to the Gryffindor with the highest number of rubies and with a solid 277 earned over many of our activities this term, Lora is a very worthy winner.


The Lionheart award goes to @Maxim Trevelyan!

  This award is given to the visitor with the highest number of rubies. Yet again, our friend from Ravenclaw has shown he is the master at gathering sparkly red jewels as he racked up a staggering 927 for his efforts over the course of the term. Congratulations!


  Now for the awards decided by Gryffindor Staff:


The Studious Simba award goes to @Lizzi Long and @Narcissus Delmenia!

  We award this trophy to those lions who distinguish themselves through hard work in their classes and potentially in other places. We couldn’t pick between Lizzi (who earned 1189 points) and Narcissus (1142) and decided that both deserved recognition for their truly impressive performances.


The Curious Kitten award goes to @Lora Wallabenger!

  This award is for someone who has been an encouraging, constructive or heartening presence in the CR. Lora went out of her way to welcome newcomers to The Den this term and has certainly raised our spirits with her exuberant personality and undeniable spirit.


The Consistent Cub award goes to @Lorainia Riverrider!

  This award is for a lion who is everywhere, doing everything and inspires us all to get involved. Lorainia not only earned 1339 points (the third most points out of all Gryffindor this term), but has also found the time to throw herself into activities all around the castle. Not only has she inspired us with her activity but left many of us wondering just where she gets her energy from.


The Lively Lionet goes to @Raevia Ward!

This award is for someone who displays great pride and loyalty to the house. While she might not be the loudest or top in points, Raevia has been a friendly and diligent presence throughout the term. Her courage to try new things and her positive attitude reflect well not only on her but on Gryffindor too.


The Exploding Snap award goes to @Prof. Dario Brighton!

  This award is given to someone who makes the CR a better place through their innovative ideas. As Dario essentially keeps the CR (and all of HOL) running, we’re always trying to nominate him for this award. As he designed the scoring system and beautiful cards for our wildly successful Exploding Snap activity, set up webmail and built a new website for the house newspaper, we couldn’t let him turn it down this term.


  That’s it for awards for now but I just want to reiterate how proud we all are of everyone who did their bit to support the house. Keep up the amazing work, lions!

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Oh wow! Thank you and congratulations to everybody, let's have another exciting term! 

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Yes! Awesome work to everyone who received an award (and those who didn't this term, there's always next term!). We appreciate everyone who puts effort into making Gryffindor the amazing place it is :D 

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oh woweee ! Thankyou everybody and congratulations to everyone \0/. Never thought I could win any awards and I am wordless here ! 

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