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  1. Maxim spied Sky coming from one of the corners in the Room. She didn’t look her best and he was seriously considering his stance on standing uselessly by the door and keeping an eye on pesky, trouble-making students. He didn’t want to get that much dust on him. Snorting at Sky’s comment about the Frisbees, he nodded and jotted down some numbers. ‘There’s always a problem with the lot,’ Maxim swung his quill hand in the direction of the more rowdy groups. ‘Nothing I couldn’t handle, though,’ he acquiesced and gave her a scroll that had around a dozen names on it. ‘Detention for those, but as Head Student, I can only deduct the points,’ Maxim briefly explained, even though he was sure Sky knew that. ‘Professors hand out the detentions.’ ‘Everything okay with you?’ Maxim asked, obviously checking his friend up and down. ‘Are you a stone heavier cause of that or…?’ he trailed off, smirking.
  2. Maxim was standing a little inside the The Room of Hidden Things, with a large parchment in his hands. The parchment spilled out of his hands and down to the floor. From time to time as students began to pile in, Maxim crossed out something on the parchment or added a word or two in the margins. 'Be careful!' he barked at a particularly overzealous thid-year. 'I won't have time to rescue you when you get buried under a pile of things,' for good measure, Maxim pointed out to one of the big piles that was leaning precariously onto one of the main paths. 'Next?' Maxim sighed, rolling his eyes at some of the older years, probably 7ths, who pushed each other around before disappearing down one of the winding paths.
  3. Maxim went to inspect Hannah's work, finding no fault except for a few flecks of dirt on the glass, which really was just an unfortunate reality of the work in the greenhouses. 'Well done, Hannah,' he praised the girl's efforts. 'You can go and relax now,' he gently said, waving his wand in the direction of the refreshments. One of the older years, she was in one of his classes if he recalled offered Hannah to go with her. 'I think that's a good idea,' Maxim nodded and pointed at the mess students started to leave behind. 'I'll finish here and lock up the greenhouses, you two and go along. Thanks for the help!'
  4. Photo shows a blue paper rose on a green background.
  5. I actually have two techniques to get my mind off things. My go-to is needlepoint. There is something relaxing in repetitive movements of a needle and seeing hours of labor pay off in a very pretty picture. I completed around 20 designs already, of varying sizes. Currently, I am working on a design that has a horse running on the beach at sunset, with waves crashing against its legs. Recently, after a visit from a merry man in a red hat in December, I also got into building Lego. I already built Yoda and Baby Yoda, Hagrid's Hut, and Yule Ball Hogwarts. I am currently working on the biggest Hogwarts set Lego is holding at the moment. I love that they have very detailed instructions and even a child can follow.
  6. Photo shows a pair of skiing poles stuck into the grassy ground. Tree branches are hanging off the top right corner while there is a view of the land below. Photo shows a well-worn dirt and log path in the forest between the trees. Photo shows a grassy field with a view of the nearby hills and the sky.
  7. With permission to change it up a little, I am going to briefly describe my usual fitness or exercise routine. First, I always start with stretching to warm up the body and muscles. This also helps to lower the risk of injury during the exercise. Then I run a mile or two on the treadmill, before doing some basic sets of your usual types of workout, like lunges, pushups, squats, burpees and side planks. I most often do 3 sets of 10 for each of the listed ones. Then I go on an exercise bike for 45 minutes to an hour, during which I watch an episode or two of a show that I am currently into. After that, I finish the routine with some more stretches.
  8. Stepping into the room under sun's glare something on the table gives a stare. It protects the secret treasure, brandishing a pen at its leisure. Head shaped like a noble beast, prepared to make trespassers deceased. 'Thiefs and adventurers beware! Come forth if you dare.' Thief threw the sponge with great power, it cut through the clear tape, they wanted the bottle with the flower, not afraid to get into a scrape. Unicorn defeated lies on the table. giving a croaking sigh his protection going awry with thief the hero of this fable. Items: Half of a unicorn's head shaped like an egg, empty plastic soda bottle, duct-tape, a pen, sponge.
  9. 'I'm quite well, Hannah, if a little busy,' Maxim answered and supervised her as she carried out the task. Hannah did not seem to have much problem doing it, so he left her to her own devices when she disappeared back into the castle. 'What a lovely idea about the snacks and refreshing water,' he complimented the first years and helped himself to some water. 'Thank you, Hannah,' Maxim replied to the young girl, subconsciously smoothing down the front of his robes. That, naturally, transferred some dirt from his gloves onto the fabric. 'Darn it,' he sighed, taking out his wand. 'Tergeo!' Maxim cast the spell, pointing the wand toward himself. He saw the dirt and other general muck siphoning away, leaving clean clothes behind. 'Everyone!' Maxim called out. 'Please slowly finish your tasks, the greenhouses will close soon.' They still had some time to go, but it would do good to remind the workers of the time left. That way, no plant would be halfway to re-potting.
  10. My favourite go-to colourful food is rainbow grilled cheese, which is exactly what it sounds like. I like to prepare it for a kid I babysit from time to time when we have those lazy weekend mornings or fun late nights. This is made exactly like your usual grilled cheese except you color the cheese beforehand. If you mix the cheese with natural food dyes, the colors look duller and blander, but it is still delicious! I often use food-safe heavy dye that is quite stark and the end result looks fabulous.
  11. 'Hello Hannah,' Maxim smiled gently as he observed the young girl taking care of the lovely snowdrops. 'You did great!' he lauded, but startled a little when she dropped down onto the dirt. Well, she was dedicated, Maxim had to give her that. 'If you want to help some more, give me a hand with these empty pots,' Maxim pointed at the far corner of the greenhouse. They need to be brought to the stone bench here,' he then pointed at the massive stone slab in the middle where most of the classes were taught. 'Should any be too heavy for you, give me a call and I will help,' he said and moved to what appeared to be a third year battling a particularly large sack of dung.
  12. Maxim arrived to the Herbology Greenhouses and was happy to see that a lot of the students were already hard at work. He did not have to play the bad guy and shoo some of the more languid people to work. As the class assistant it mostly fell onto him to supervise everything that went on in the Herbology area when a professor was not present. 'How is everyone doing?' Maxim greeted the gathered students. He levitated a bag or two of dragon dung to the center of the greenhouse for easier reach of those that could not lift such a heavy burden (or did not want to get dirty). 'Does anyone need help?' he made sure to glance outside as well if someone was near the vegetable patch.
  13. "Is it even smart we go down?" Maxim asked when he heard the second crash. He peered through the window, but had difficulty seeing just where it fell. "I would rather not have a large and hard piece of furniture damaging this beautiful hair," he moped, weaving his index finger through his blond curls.
  14. Maxim glanced sharply at the young girl when she mentioned Slytherin might be at fault. He wanted to interject, but it seemed that Sky had it all in hand. He sighed, "Fine, since no one seems to be brave enough," Maxim grinned at Sky and Iverian for his (in his mind at least) hilarious pun, "I can go check it out. The summoning spell might be too imprecise to get the desk," Maxim shrugged. "A good Reparo and a hover charm ought to do it." "Any volunteers to go with me?" he asked.
  15. Maxim rolled his eyes at Iverian, "Yes, because I had to supervise the decoration of the castle for the spring ball," he gives the prefect a pointed look. "I came back as soon as I heard what happened from a newbie," he explained. With a murmur of a spell too low for others to hear, Maxim stunned a couple of pixies and stuffed them under a dusty box, hoping it will hold them off until they got a cage. The Head Boy nodded at Sky when she arrived in a flurry of activity. "Well, there appears to be more than one, Prof. Alton," Maxim answered sarcastically. He followed Sky's gestures and saw there was indeed a desk down below. "I'm not getting that," the Ravenclaw shook his head and looked around. "Any clue how they got here?" he asked, trying to find something in all of the chaos.
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