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  1. I offer to you, my lady, a figurine of a badger and an eagle playing on a grassy field. Since it is magical, both animals move around in the confines of an object.
  2. The Royals decreed that we should have a "who wears it better" competition with purple being the center of attention. All partake in it and have fun until it disperses on its own. A mischievous being opened the pig pen and now they are running all around the castle, tracking mud everywhere. What on earth shall be done to catch them?
  3. Bloody Baron the Cantankerous Arabella Figg?
  4. James the Humorous. Sir Cadogan?
  5. Lily the Sacrificing Griphook?
  6. I am aiming for a slice of Gryfftoberfest cake.
  7. Knight readies his sword and shield, he (surprisingly) has no problem on the field, with three blows or four, he defeats his foe and rides towards the shore.
  8. Slytherins have a point. There should be their flags and banner all around the fair. However, with a flick of the wand, all other banner sprout around the place as well, from the house ones, to all the other participants that might try their luck, affiliated or not. This way, everyone is represented and there are a lot of beautiful colors, banners and heraldry all around. Oh dear. The cooks come running out of the kitchen screaming about missing ingredients. However will they make the delicious desserts?
  9. Gregory the Gluttonous Roger Davies?
  10. Susan the Valiant Vincent Crabbe?
  11. Alecto the Wretched Nicolas Flamel?
  12. Nymphadora the Blunderous Augusta Longbottom?
  13. Parvati the Fashionable Hedwig?
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