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  1. Maxim noticed Sky's arrival to the Astronomy Tower, glad someone else would be watching the students with him. Not that anyone was particularly rowdy, but the Head Boy was glad of some extra security so to speak. 'You missed a spot,' Maxim said in lieu of a greeting, poking at the dirt on Sky's sleeve. 'Trouble at the greenhouses?' he asked, silently crossing his fingers hoping he did not have to make an appearance. Maxim was still sulking about the Venomous Tentacula incident two weeks ago. Silently, he nudged Sky and pointed at the first years he was with before. 'Might do with some lion intervention,' Maxim shrugged and stuck his hands in his pockets.
  2. I believe that best permanent switch would be switching Professor Snape to Herbology. Despite what first appearances in the switched class might say, Snape is quite proficient at identifying different herbs and plants. He is the Potions Master after all and what kind of a Master would he be if he did not know the properties of each and every ingredient in his potions. I do think that Snape would not have as much of a problem settling in his role, although I think he might have something to say over whomever would take over for him in Potions.
  3. Name: Coloranta Main Ingredients: Caterpillar bristles, monarch butterfly wings, rainbow fish scales, ice salamander firedrops, knotgrass, chameleon skin, lavender, spinrose thorns. Smell: fresh paint when in liquid form, faintly of chalk when it is applied, a day after application, the smell dissipates completely. Effect: Changes the color of anything to anything. The resultant color depends on the ingredients in the potion besides main listed. Effects lasts up to a month unless made permanent by another potion.
  4. Maxim jumped on the slightly raised podium at the front of the Charms class (as usual) and the ghostly professor (not so usual). Maxim threw out his wand hand and yelled, 'Impedimenta!', aiming at one of the lion classmates who offered to be a guinea pig. He heard a yelp, but unfortunately, the spell seemingly just grazed his opponent. Unfortunately, Maxim hit a tad too well, enraging the other guy as he aimed a Rictusempra at the Ravenclaw. 'Hey', Maxim protested. 'Hit me with something serious, punk!' he shouted, figuring the best way to defeat a Gryffindor was goading him to become reckless. He saw the professor narrow his eyes which was an overreaction from the ghost seeing he usually did not allow anything to bother him. 'Protego!' Maxim yelped as another spell was aimed at him, and luckily the shield held, but it knocked him down again. While Maxim was trying to get back to his feet, the Gryffindor used the opportunity to send a powerful Incendio charm. Maxim for really angry and aimed a very powerful Levicorpus charm, which the Gryffindor was not prepared for. The Gryffindor was hoisted into the air, but Maxim did not stop there. 'Impedimenta! Impedimenta!' he yelled and the two spells hit in quick succession. 'Impe-' Maxim started but was interrupted by Professor Binns. 'Trevelyan, he's down!' the ghost raised his voice. Just in case he stepped between the pair and glared at the Ravenclaw. ‘Overkill, Mr. Trevelyan, overkill!' he said with a disapproving face.
  5. "Never apologize for crying, Manya," Maxim tutted, and put one of the blankets he carried on Manya's shoulder. "I'm sure everything'll work out just fine,'" he nodded. Sometimes school work became too overwhelming for first years, but with some determination and organisation, Maxim was sure the woes of end-term crunch would resolve just fine. "Otherwise, how are you both finding your first term at the castle?" Maxim asked when Rose joined them. He offered them both some hot chocolate before going away temporarily to check on all the students that arrived or were still arriving.
  6. Hear ye, hear ye! After the busy first term, the professors of Hogwarts decided to switch things up a bit. Literally. During the month of January, you will be seeing your professors in different classrooms than you are used to. In order to broaden their professional horizons, your lovely teachers decided to take over another class for the month. Do not be afraid! This is only temporary and the professors will still help you with homework for their original classes should you need it. The class switch will start on January 1st and finish on January 31st. Enjoy!
  7. Maxim yawned as he dragged himself to the top of the Astronomy Tower. After his Astronomy OWL he promised himself never to step foot into it again, but there he was. With blankets and hot chocolate for all students that would join the star-gazing night. He really needed to stop getting the short straws between the Head Students. 'Good evening, students,' Maxim greeted anyone who was inside. 'I got some hot chocolate, cookies and warm blankets for anyone who wants them. Who's game?' he asked around, giving items out as they were requested. 'Hot chocolate, Manya?' Maxim smiled at the girl, patting her on the back a bit. She seemed inconsolable, but he waited for her to explain if she wanted.
  8. Chamomile is an herb that comes from the flowers of the Ateraceae plant family. The flowers look like another common plant, daisies. Chamomile has been consumed for centuries in different formats as a natural remedy for several health conditions, some of which are high blood sugar, slowing or preventing osteoporosis, reducing inflammation, treating cold symptoms, decreasing anxiety, and helping sleep. People most commonly take chamomile by drinking it as tea. To make chamomile tea, the flowers are dried then infused into hot water. Chamomile has been used for a long time and is one of the most common infusions for traditional medicine.
  9. 'We're gonna be the best sweepers ever,' Maxim offered Iverian his fist for a bump. He handed her one of the brooms and pointed at the far end of the curling rink. 'We sweep, or brush, the ice to make sure that this,' he pointed at the stones by their feet, 'make it as close to the center as possible.' He swept the ice before their feet to show her how. 'The more we sweep, the faster the stone goes, the less, the slower,' he finished then gave a smile. 'But since you've already competed in curling, I'm sure you already knew all this,' Maxim scratched his head in embarrassment. He leaned on his broom and waited for some of the gathered people to slide a stone and start the match.
  10. "Snow castle, eh?" Maxim grinned, looking down at Rose's creation. "It looks pretty awesome. Maybe considering adding a moat or some towers so it'll be better defended?" he advised. The castle did look pretty great, better than anything he could have created. At Rose's compliment, Maxim blushed. "Ah, I'm not that great, truly," he shrugged. "I just did some skating when I was younger." Manya, another Gryffindor first year he knew, soon joined them. "Missed you too Manya, you and Rose did a great job with The Fat Lady search," Maxim smiled. He wanted to warn Rose about the snowman, but it was too late and she stepped on it. "Well, we can always make another," Maxim said to himself as he let the two friend reunite. "Curling?" Maxim took on an excited note when Sky joined them from the... well, sky. "I watched it, but never managed to play it. I call dibs on one of the sweepers," he yelled, making his way to the curling area. [OOC: Sorry for disappearing, life happened. :O]
  11. Happy birthday Rose! Hope you have a great day. :)
  12. Maxim swerved around Sky, then promptly tripped over a raised bump in the ice. He waved with arms to help with regaining balance. 'Who gave you a riding license?' Maxim yelled after his friend with a grin (even though it was totally his fault). The Eagle then sped away to the shore so she would not catch up to him and trip him or something. He would not have put it past her. He stopped near Rose, who was soon joined by Iverian. 'You did great on the ice, Iverian,' Maxim smiled at the Prefect and sat down near the pair. 'Hey Rose,' he greeted the first year. He remembered her from previous Hogwarts shenanigans. 'What thing are you making?'
  13. The most prestigious award of the Post Office for December goes to Hoodini. Hoodini is a screech owl with a penchant for disappearing mid-flight then still curiously appearing right on (or even slightly before) the delivery date. Hoodini specializes in transcontinental and heavy deliveries, often capable of carrying two or three packages at once. He also holds the record of bearing the heaviest package to date. This amazing screech owl loves sweets, especially chocolate and cares little for wizards and witches not having payment ready to go when he arrives. Hoodini has been known to peck at the hands of those trying to short-change him.
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