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  1. Maxim thanked the first year for the gift (one of his favorites too) and tore into it, already popping a chocolate in his mouth before Gail showed up. He waved enthusiastically to her as she was approaching them, the box of chocolates jiggling in his hand, in danger of sending all the goodies on the floor. "I refuse to look past today on the timetable," he shrugged, wincing at the thought. "Today is easier for me, but that is mostly formalities. I assume it will pick up in the next days, leaving me weeping into the pillow at night," Maxim said sarcastically, although there was some truth to it. He didn't handle stress well, although the Ravenclaw found his best work was done during the pressure of deadlines. Maxim groaned at the mention of fifth year. "Do not even..." he trailed off with a faraway look in his eyes. "Taking all 12 OWLs in one year was a mistake," he whined, popping another chocolate in his mouth, silently offering them to Gail as well. "Although I have to admit being free of them this year is a blessing." "By the way, Gail, how are we doing the first year rounds between the three of us?" Maxim asked. While Gail was a year younger, she had more experience in Head Studentship. "Can I take dibs on Hufflepuff?" he asked, perking up. No ulterior motives there, especially not due to the location of their common room.
  2. Maxim snorted, and tried to cover up his reaction with a cough. “As a Head Boy, I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that,” he said to Iverian, winking at the Prefect. “Cases of temporary deafness due to Plimpies is a terrible affliction,” Maxim sighed, putting his hand over his heart. “So terrible. I’m just glad it’s not my common room.” Maxim picked up a cup of hot cocoa from the Gryffindor table and took a sip, wiggling happily at the way the cocoa warmed his insides. Two very familiar professors entered the Great Hall and Maxim raised his mug in a friendly hello before turning to Sky to answer her. “I mean, Iverian is right here,” Maxim pointed at the young Prefect in Sky’s allusions to extra work. “I got first year supervision with other Head Students, I can’t do it,” he quickly said, his eyes searching the Great Hall for his colleagues, but not finding them anywhere. “But I can make time for Herbology preparations. My duties do not start until third period anyway and then I have class the fourth.” He turned to the small group of lion ducklings. “If y’all need any help, navigating the castle or some such, you can always ask me,” Maxim offered and took another delicious sip.
  3. Maxim stumbled into The Great Hall, looking around for any of his Ravenclaw friends. He was up late last night reviewing his Head Boy duties and had no idea how quickly things can pile up if you did not keep up with them. Maxim also finished his newest class and the assignments pile was already getting higher with each passing day. With narrowed eyes, he spied his person of interest at the Gryffindor table and half-ran, half-skipped to her, smiling gently to all the first and second year lions gathered around her. "Don't you just love the start of term?" he grinned at Sky. Maxim waved the parchment with his classes that he took this morning (perks of being a Head Boy) from his common room. "So much to do, so little time. When're we meeting for Herbology?" He looked at the group. "Hey, guys. Be careful with this one," he pointed at Sky. "She's much scarier than she appears."
  4. I believe that a Hover Charm would be perfect to imitate a character's flying. Some very good Charms casters could be present at the back of the stage that would cast them on the people that would need to fly (fairies or other magical beings) or even on the stage scenery. There are of course dangers that the spell would not have worked at all or would spiral out of control so the people would get too high (or even set on fire). That is why I would only use competent charm casters that would practice plenty or have some cushions ready on the stage just in case. Another way to use magic would be to use the spells that create different colored sparks to liven up the stage during dramatic moments, like a battle or even a celebration at the end. These spells can cause fire if used too liberally so people would also practice Aguamenti or have some buckets with water on hand backstage.
  5. I keep a close watch on them until they make a mistake and then punish them accordingly. You are Peter Pettigrew-as-Scabbers and two cats just cornered you on a Muggle street.
  6. With a few well-placed spells, I turn it into a bird and trap it in a cage. You are Fang and found a spider.
  7. I turn into a dog and run away, barking like mad. You are Professor McGonagall and a Muggle mistook you for their friend in front of The Leaky Cauldron.
  8. I quietly follow it and sketch it. You are Seamus Finnigan and are dealing with bad internet connection.
  9. I go in search for my Dark Master to talk of continuing his evil plan over some butterbeer. You are Hermione Granger and just became Muggle Prime Minister.
  10. This costume is for a role of one of the Death Eaters capable of 'flying' or 'Apparition' (smoke movements seen with Light and Dark wizards and witches in Order of the Phoenix movie) in my play idea. The cast member would be donned in all black. They would wear black pants, black tight-fitting shirt and all over both pieces would be small black-silver sequins that would glitter in stage light. They would also wear a hood that would tip into a triangle in the middle of the face and they would be wearing masks with different scary expressions. They would also be wearing a long black cloak made out of feathers and when they would flap with it, the magic in the costume would give them the ability to hover for a short period of time.
  11. I slap Prof. Alton for helping create another activity that will take up my time. >_>
  12. I believe that The Battle of Hogwarts, or even the whole Horcrux story line, would be well performed as a play. Not a musical, because it is a sombre (and rather 'recent') event, so I do not think that singing would be a good medium, but orchestra instrumentals would be perfect for it (I am also a little biased since I just love Courtyard Apocalypse that is the soundtrack to some of the battle in the movie.). Since there were many fighters and key roles throughout the battle, there would be enough roles to go around. In fact, there might be too many and there would be difficulty to perform this play on smaller stages, I imagine. It would definitely have a dramatic finale, either as the Battle, or the final fight between Harry Potter and Voldemort. Since that fight was rather lackluster, Voldemort died as an ordinary man, not in a great show of spells and sparks, you could use artistic license, but that decision is best left to Prof. Decibel.
  13. Congratulations everyone, all positions are well deserved! :)
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