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  1. Huzzah! *gulps down a flagon of butterbeer* Thank you Sky and Iverian for devising and hosting one of the funnest activities ever.
  2. And for my last item, sapphire ring please.
  3. The dancers would be primarily dressed in one color, sky blue. The women would have a dress with a sweetheart neckline that is fitted at the top, but flares out at the bottom. The men would be dressed in a loose sky blue shirt with a deep v neck with flaring sleeves and black pants. What makes the outfits special are the incorporated hidden colors. The bottom of the women’s dresses and the sleeves of the men are multitude of colors, including, but not limited to the colors of the rainbow. They show up when the women twirls or move the bottom part of the dress around or when the men shake the sleeves.
  4. My avatar would consist of a hand-painted portrait to my chest similar to the one I already have, with a dark red background and a golden border around it. The signature would also be on a dark red background, surrounded by a similar golden border. On the top would be my title and name ‘Lord Maxim Trevelyan’ on a wooden plaque and then ‘Roaring and Revelry’ on a similar plaque on the bottom. The signature itself would have, once again, my portrait, but from my hips up on the left, and then on the right, a line drawn part of the renaissance fair.
  5. Emerald, ruby and topaz rings please.
  6. I think that a handy little trick would be making small, localized weather phenomena to entertain the masses. All around the area rain, hail, thunderstorms, sun, wind and others would pick up and move around the area. First, the magician would need a semi-Shield charm which would protect the onlookers from harmful weather, but would let through harmless phenomena such as rain, sun-rays and so on. Then, the magician would need to be proficient in several weather-modifying charms, such as the Atmospheric Charm, which can create certain weather conditions indoors, appropriate for the booths which are more covered than the stands. Then, naturally snow-flake making charm, amongst others. To top it off, so she can switch the weather off at will, Meteolojinx Recanto. Or, if there is a medieval version of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, she could always use Tiny Twister, Weather in a Bottle, Sunny Spells or Weasley’s Wet Weather in addition to the spells.
  7. Behind a large shield, there are strange corner-shaped, yet straight, pieces of metal with some holes in some parts of them. Beside these pieces lay small triangles. They are made or painted in many colors, ranging from gold, silver to iron. After a close inspection, you realize that these pieces of metal come from old books, which were held together by string and were then fastened to the pages inside. But, what happened? Since there are no pages nearby, your first thought is that the books burned in a fire, but then you realize that the metal is slightly damp. You suppose that the bookshop where the books originated from was flooded or the books were held in a chest which was then thrown into the water. The metal is very rusty and it would take a lot of skill and patience to bring it back to normal, if possible.
  8. For now, I will take the quill, the inkwell, red, blue and yellow handkerchiefs as well as the Gryfftoberfest flag.
  9. Red, yellow and green doublets, please. Slippers and scarf too. I will also have pairs of blue, yellow and green gloves, please.
  10. Yellow, green and red shields. As well as bow and arrows and the battle axe. Throw in yellow and green plumed helmets too please.
  11. Cherry, cheese, blueberry and green apple tarlets, please. As well as bags of green, yellow and red candies.
  12. Minerva the Lionheart. Ariana Dumbledore?
  13. Romilda the Malicious Zacharias Smith?
  14. Lady organizers, this trade too!
  15. I am willing to give 40 gold pieces for the suit of armor!
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