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Lora Wallabenger

The Movie Songs Romp

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This is my first ever topic I started on Gryffindor Common Room and I am totally nervous about it. This game is great for the people who watch so many movies and listen to so many songs as much as the movies. I first found about this game from one of my friends and it's pretty cool.


You will only have to follow one simple rule and that is you cannot repeat the movies that is already posted inside the topic


All you have to do is this ;


The first person should give a name of a movie having a song in it and the next person should name a song in that movie including another name of another movie . You can name any kind of movie which is of course HOL appropriate. For an example,


Emma : Lion king 2


Julian  :  ' you are not one of us ' 



Helen :  ' A whole new world'



And on and on you can continue on........  Hope you will enjoy this game :) 


Okay now let me start at first .


Cinderella Movie. 





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