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  1. Introducing: LInguae Peritus (aka The Language Expert Potion) Purpose: Gives the ability to correctly speak/understand any language. Effects last roughly 2 hours. Characteristics: The potion is cobalt blue in color and smells like butterscotch. The taste is pleasant; butterscotch mixed with a hint of cinnamon. Main Ingredients: Adders Fork: Adeptness Armadillo Bile: Sharp Wit Powdered Bicorn Horn: Duality Butterscotch: Smoothness, also acts as flavoring agent Dragon Claw: Brain Boost Gingerroot: Sharp Wit Honey: Sweetness Pearl Dust: Eloquence Blue Rose Oil: Sensitivity, also acts as coloring agent
  2. Lavender is a member of the mint family, native to the Mediterranean region, northeast Africa, and southwestern Asia, where it has been grown for over 2,500 years. Known for much more than its pretty purple flowers and intoxicating aroma, lavender is used to combat anxiety, insomnia, eczema, and acute/chronic pain. It is also believed to help lower blood pressure, provide relief from bronchial complications, and aid in the prevention of hair loss. All in all, a handy plant to have around! The ancient Egyptians certainly thought so, as they used lavender as part of their mummification process. The Egyptians weren't the only ones to cash in on the benefits, either. During the Bubonic Plague in the 17th century, lavender was used as a remedy to ward off potential disease. It is even said that Queen Victoria herself was quite the fan, Woe be to the servant that forget that all of her furniture was to be cleaned with a lavender-based solution, and that her drink of choice was lavender-infused tea to help ease her stomach. And if you need any more reason to run out and get some lavender, the flower has also been used to symbolize devotion, which makes it a popular choice for flower arrangements and wedding bouquets. How's that for versatility?!
  3. I have decided to decorate the room with wall murals to resemble a wintry forest. Around the room are placed the following treats: -decorated nests for the owls to use if they choose to do so -some nesting balls filled with soft materials so that nests can be decorated to personal taste -pine needles are scattered on the floor to go with the wall murals and make them more realistic -bowls of wormy snacks for the owls to enjoy -burlap sacks to rest on for added comfort for our owl friends
  4. The first paper is magically enchanted musical paper that changes according to the receiver's favorite holiday song. A chorus of magically projected carolers will obligingly sing it will the present is being unwrapped. The second is specially enchanted holographic paper that will project a hologram of the person giving the gift with voice ability to send a personal greeting. Think of it as Star Wars meets Hogwarts, holiday edition :)
  5. Hey there! I'm trying to post my image up for the task and it won't let me. Any suggestions? Update: Please ignore, problem solved.
  6. Bow with a dramatic sweep, flash that disgusting smile and exclaim heartily, "Thank you, my friends, thank you!" You are Arthur Weasley and you just caught Percy sneaking into the house.
  7. "Avada....." You are Severus Snape and James Potter just threw your Potions book in the lake.
  8. The play revolves around the courtship of Lily Evans and James Potter, and this particular scene comes in at the beginning of Act III. James had went through great pains to arrange the perfect date, for this was the night that he played on asking Lily to be his wife. The scene takes place in a secluded meadow, magically enchanted with rose petals falling from the sky (James had thought of everything!). At the edge of the meadow lies a stately castle; a great multi-turreted grey stone structure. Inside the castle, house elves are busily preparing a romantic feast (this would be the backdrop for the next scene). Sunlight filters through the trees, casting an almost ethereal glow upon the whole backdrop. It must have worked, for as we all know, she said YES!
  9. Getting one's voice to properly project can be quite tricky, so I would imagine that the Amplifying Charm, Sonorus, could come in quite handy. Literally, it could save thousands of rehearsal hours and stop a potential meltdown or mutiny when the cast is forced to do the scene yet again (for the 00th time) to get it done properly. Likewise, if the scene called for a dramatic whisper, Silencio could be cast momentarily on the audience so that the actor could be properly heard. Sometimes, it really isn't all about the flashy lights and the razzle-dazzle; theatre calls for many practical skills as well. Besides, think of the poor little firstie who couldn't act to save their life. This will give them a very important role in the play...offstage and out of sight. Voila' problem solved! Another potential use of magic on stage could be for movement purposes. Ascendio, for example, is used to lift the caster high in the air. This would be especially useful if the character was required to fly or 'live' above the clouds. No messy wires (which are potential tripping hazards) to bother with; just a flick of the wand and away you go. Alarte Ascendare is the same principal, but this time the caster is lifting a target into the air. I could see these spells working in tandem quite nicely, especially in a fantasy type play where flying is required. I suppose you could just cast fairies in the parts, but fairies are known to be extremely temperamental. Personally, I would stick with the magic.
  10. "Can I keep it, Dad? Please!!!!!!" You are Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa wants you to babysit.
  11. "20 points from Gryffindor! Quit wasting time smiling and get to work!" You're Dolores Umbridge and you just spotted Firenze.
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