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  1. Emily: *laughs and offers a bow* "I come up with those every now and then. Seriously, blame it on one too many castle runs on World of Warcraft." *looks to Aure and Astor* "Shall we proceed, ladies?"
  2. *Squeals with happiness as I spy the one-and-only Luna Lovegood, star of the famous wizarding cinema series of movies, Lost In Translation. Emily: "Ms. Lovegood, it is an absolute honor! Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview!" Luna: "My pleasure, Twinklefingers! What do you want to talk about? Unicorns? Fairies? The plight of the poor Cobra Lily? My new glasses? Ask away!" Emily: "Twinklefingers?! Ummm...okay. Well, while all of those are interesting subjects, how about we start with something your fans are dying to know. What truth is there to the rumors that you and Harry Potter have been seen keeping company at several clubs recently? Is there trouble in paradise for the Potters?" Luna: "My dear girl, there is NEVER trouble in paradise. That's why it's called paradise, Silly!!" Emily: "Right..but what about Harry Potter?!" Luna: "What about Harry Potter? Wouldn't you rather talk about the Cobra Lily crisis?!" Emily: "Umm...we'll get to that, I promise. But seriously, are you seeing Harry Potter?" Luna: "Of course I see Harry Potter. I'm not blind, you know!! I see thestrals, too, if you must know. I saw a fairy once...I think. It could have been a pixie, but I'm not really sure!" Emily: "Right-o. We'll take that as a tentative 'no' then. Moving on! What made you give up your career as a magizoologist to become a film star?" Luna: "Illyria told me it would be a good career move. She's very wise like that." Emily: "May I ask who is Illyria? Is she your manager?" Luna: "No, she's my owl. Although she has managed to fly to the North Pole once, so that's something managed!" ***Emily shakes her head in bemusement, taking a moment to collect herself*** Emily: "I see..I think. Well, it seems that her advise was good because you've certainly made a succcess of it!' Luna: "Thank you; you're very kind to say so. Now can we talk about the Cobra Lillies? It really is most dreadful!" ***Emily makes a great show of checking the time, shaking her head with tremendous regret*** Emily: "I'm sorry, Miss Lovegood, but it seems that we are all out of time. Thank you once again for taking the time to talk with me and good luck with your next film!" Luna: "Oh drat! Well. don't wish me good luck; it's the poor Cobra Lillies that need the luck! Anway, toodles!" Emily: "Toodles and umm..good luck Lillies!"
  3. Emily: *jogs up, panting as they reach Ivey and Aure:* "Seriously, someone needs to put an elevator here! Well, I guess we should get started, but first things first!@ *grabs a handy-dandy torch off the wall as they move inside the castle entrance*
  4. Frozen II “Just for once, let me look on you with my own eyes.”
  5. Sherlock Holmes! ""Hey! Mr. English Guy! I think your egg is hatching."
  6. Moana! "Well, well. What a glitering assemblage, King Stefan."
  7. I'd like to talk a bit about Chamber of Secrets. First off, of all the Harry Potter films, this one has to be my very favorite. I love a good 'before' story, and the appearance of young Tom Riddle and Moaning Myrtle are really good examples of that. Christian Peter Coulson, the actor who played young Riddle was perfectly cast for the role. He had just the right amount of sneer combined with charm that really worked for the character. He was charistmatic, and one could see how others could be persuaded to follow him, but suitably sinister at the same time. He MADE the character come alive for me, and not just as "Lord Voldemort". To watch the evolution was fascinating. One of my favorite scenes was when Riddle's diary is pierced by the basilisk fang. I foud it almost gothic in nature (cue music from Dracula), so that appealed to me. In fact, the whole sinister undertones of the plot took the story from "cute orphan kid finds out he's a wizard" cuteness to "NOW we have a worthy plot!" Plus, the director of photography, Roger Pratt did such an amazing job of creating a sinister mood through lighting. It was the perfect juxtaposition between light/dark, good/evil. Kudos to him for a job well done! I leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the movie: “Funny, the damage a silly little book can do, especially in the hands of a silly little girl.” -Tom Riddle
  8. Home Alone! "Houston, we have a problem."
  9. Hercules! "Turns out your friend here is only MOSTLY dead. See, mostly dead is still slightly alive."
  10. Right now, if I could, I would summon a slice of cheesecake. It's been that sort of day. Of course, we have no cheesecake in the house and the stores are closed, so I guess I will have to do without. On any given day, it would be nice to have the ability to summon my car keys, which stay perpetually lost, and my work ID, which is inexplicably fond of under-the-bed.
  11. Here is my attempt to recreate the sorting hat. The base is made from kitchen towels and my 'snuggie' blanket, with a gap left open for the mouth. The peak is made from a pair of work pants and my Derby hat. (Yes, I recognize the irony there.)
  12. First off, let me start by saying that you people make me feel incredibly lazy! I do believe I lost weight just reading your workouts and now I need a nap :) That being said, I do try to follow my own exercise program (when time allows). Every day, I try to do at least 35-45 minutes on the treadmill, as well as different exercises with arm weights. I also do a series of calesthenic-type leg exercises (like leg lifts, scissor kicks, etc). I do curls (usually 3 sets of 15) for core training, as well as stretches to strenghten my back. Again, time permitting, I go to our local gym and use the machines there. On alternating days, I work on arms and legs, with core strengthening exercises done every day. For legs I do the eliptical as well as leg curls and stretches. For my arms I do the rowing machine, arm curls and lifts, an extremely torturous exercise machine called 'butterflies' , and various weight training. I won't lie, though, one of the best things about the gym is the hyro-massage I treat mystelf to afterwards :)
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