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  1. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not exactly 'adventure girl'. The outdoors and I have a long habit of coexisting peacefully, an amiable but rather distant relationship. That being said, some of the most peaceful times I have ever experienced happened when I was taking a sabbatical from ignoring nature and actually embracing it. This was one of those times... I have always wanted to go to Irelanc, but have never had the monetary means to do so. So, if I could not go to Ireland, I would make Ireland come to me! I packed my bags and with my faithful companion, David (the hubby), set off for Maine. It wasn't Ireland exactly, but the rocky beaches and waves crashing against the cliffs would suffice for a good enough subsitute until I could afford the real thing. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. That morning, the weather was beautiful; not too hot and not too cold. After a quick but hearty breakfast at the local inn, we set off on a nature hike through the surrounding woods. There were three clearly marked paths, and being novices at this, we chose the easiest one. The scenery was breathtaking! The leaves were ablaze with autumn color and the sun filtering through the treetop canopy made them sparkle like a bunch of multi-colored jewels. I felt like I was in my own private enchanted forest, complete with handsome prince at my side. (Yes, that was corny..sorry, not sorry :) It wasn't long before the 'prince' and I realized that somehow we had wandered astray. The terrain, which had been relatively easy until now had gotten steadily more treacherous. Babbling brooks we had stepped across, had turned into rushing streams that were sometimes almost knee high. The scenery was still beautiful, but a wild sort of beauty instead of the carefully manicured lushness of before. We scrambled over jutting rocks and climbed over fallen logs..and I was loving every minute of it. The end of the 'trail' if you will, was certainly a fitting payoff. We had managed, somehow, to take the expert path, and ended up in a little cove right on the beach, complete with requisite rocky crag and crashing waves. My heart sand for joy...my pseudo Ireland was magnificent! It was exhilerating and yet I have never known such peace. I don't right ly now how to describe it, but I felt at 'home'. It's a walk I will never forget.
  2. Dragon fruit smoothie bowls are yummy!
  3. One relaxation technique I use is to 'turn inward' (or as my husband calls it, 'zone out'). It can be done anywhere, really, but if I really want to focus I will go to a quiet spot by myself. Basically, I close my eyes and consciously slow my breathing down and just concentrate on that..breathing. I block out (as best I can) the sounds around me and focus solely on my body breathing..how it feels, the pattern, etc. I don't repeat a mantra, but I will try to visualize 'calm'. It's not necessarily a place (like a babbling brook, etc), but rather a feeling. Just hone in on 'being calm'. I can almost feel myself drifting; it's basically just getting in touch with your core being and forget the world around you. It sounds a lot more complicated than it is :) Oddly, the other thing I do to relax is cooking. The simple act of prepping ingredients and cooking soothes my soul.
  4. I truly believe that Professor McGonagall should remain in Defense Against the Dark Arts. To be sure, she is a wonderful Transfiguration teacher, but I think she is much more suited to the DADA classroom. Allow me to explain why: First of all, her enthusiasm for the subject is infectious. She is clearly passionate about the class, and that goes a long way into making for a good teacher. Her knowledge of the subject matter is quite extensive, as well it should be. Professor McGonagall is not only one smart witch, but her knowledge of this particular subject does not merely come from books. She has been in the thick of battle, fighting those dark arts, and has conquered them successfully. Who better to teach the art of combating dark arts than one who has proven herself more than competent of doing the same?! Additionally, McGonagall has a no-nonsense attitude that lends itself to this sort of material. DADA is not for the frivolous, and there is no fear that she will treat it as such. She knows, firsthand, that the material she is teaching could, quite literally, be a matter of life-and-death. Plus, she has already garnered the respect of the students, so I sincerely doubt that anyone would gainsay her on the matter. So yes, I do believe that Professor McGonagall's talents are better utilized in the DADA classroom than wasted on turning rats into teacups or some other such nonsense.
  5. Emily tutted softly and rose from her seat. Casting a look of pity at poor Prof. Binns (who was clearly out of his depth), she moved to the front of the class, tapping her wand against the desk for dramatic effect. Once she was certain that she had the attention of the class, she offered her best smile.... "Pay attention, guys, this is going to be epic!" If truth be known, it was a rather calculated bluff on her part. Despite her display of confidence, Emily had a whole swarm of butterflies fluttering in her stomach. She was much more comfortable with Potions and Herbology; the girl was definitely not known for her skill at casting charms. The last time she had tried, poor Amy had ended up on the ceiling, one poor Gryffindor had shrunk down to the size of a pea, and we won't even go into what happened to the poor Ravenclaw. Suffice it to say, Emily dared not show her face around the Ravenclaw Common Room for awhile. But of course, none of that could be allowed to hamper her performance now, even though she cringed inwardly as several of her classmates shrunk back in their seats, trying to lessen their chances of being her unfortunate target. "Aquamenti!" She thrust her wand at Ivey, who had the misfortune of being in the very front row. Of course, the expected gentle jet of water turned into a veritable sheet, dousing the poor girl thoroughly. Emily smiled apologetically and turned to her next volunteer target victim. "Rictusempra!" This was supposed to produce a gentle tickle, causing the target to laugh with merriment. Only February wasn't laughing....she was yelping in pain. Oh dear! Emily shook her wand and shrugged helplessly. The whole class ducked as she faced them again. Professor Binns hurried forward just as her wand was raised, placing himself protectively in front of Will, who had been next in her line of sight. "Miss Spencer! Th..th...ank you! Your demonstration was most...memorable. That will be all! Please..for the love of Merlin..take a seat!" The whole class breathed a sigh of relief as Emily took her seat dutifully. For her part, she was quite satisfied with her performance. No one had ended up dead and the classroom was still intact. All in all, a success in her book!
  6. Introducing: LInguae Peritus (aka The Language Expert Potion) Purpose: Gives the ability to correctly speak/understand any language. Effects last roughly 2 hours. Characteristics: The potion is cobalt blue in color and smells like butterscotch. The taste is pleasant; butterscotch mixed with a hint of cinnamon. Main Ingredients: Adders Fork: Adeptness Armadillo Bile: Sharp Wit Powdered Bicorn Horn: Duality Butterscotch: Smoothness, also acts as flavoring agent Dragon Claw: Brain Boost Gingerroot: Sharp Wit Honey: Sweetness Pearl Dust: Eloquence Blue Rose Oil: Sensitivity, also acts as coloring agent
  7. Lavender is a member of the mint family, native to the Mediterranean region, northeast Africa, and southwestern Asia, where it has been grown for over 2,500 years. Known for much more than its pretty purple flowers and intoxicating aroma, lavender is used to combat anxiety, insomnia, eczema, and acute/chronic pain. It is also believed to help lower blood pressure, provide relief from bronchial complications, and aid in the prevention of hair loss. All in all, a handy plant to have around! The ancient Egyptians certainly thought so, as they used lavender as part of their mummification process. The Egyptians weren't the only ones to cash in on the benefits, either. During the Bubonic Plague in the 17th century, lavender was used as a remedy to ward off potential disease. It is even said that Queen Victoria herself was quite the fan, Woe be to the servant that forget that all of her furniture was to be cleaned with a lavender-based solution, and that her drink of choice was lavender-infused tea to help ease her stomach. And if you need any more reason to run out and get some lavender, the flower has also been used to symbolize devotion, which makes it a popular choice for flower arrangements and wedding bouquets. How's that for versatility?!
  8. I have decided to decorate the room with wall murals to resemble a wintry forest. Around the room are placed the following treats: -decorated nests for the owls to use if they choose to do so -some nesting balls filled with soft materials so that nests can be decorated to personal taste -pine needles are scattered on the floor to go with the wall murals and make them more realistic -bowls of wormy snacks for the owls to enjoy -burlap sacks to rest on for added comfort for our owl friends
  9. The first paper is magically enchanted musical paper that changes according to the receiver's favorite holiday song. A chorus of magically projected carolers will obligingly sing it will the present is being unwrapped. The second is specially enchanted holographic paper that will project a hologram of the person giving the gift with voice ability to send a personal greeting. Think of it as Star Wars meets Hogwarts, holiday edition :)
  10. Hey there! I'm trying to post my image up for the task and it won't let me. Any suggestions? Update: Please ignore, problem solved.
  11. Bow with a dramatic sweep, flash that disgusting smile and exclaim heartily, "Thank you, my friends, thank you!" You are Arthur Weasley and you just caught Percy sneaking into the house.
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