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  1. Fortunately, she had been planning to cancel the gigs anyway.
  2. I would call Professor Snape because he is really good at potions. You are lost in the Forbidden Forest. Who you gonna call?
  3. Emily Spencer

    ABC game

    Going back to U Umbrella
  4. A shiny "I was Head Boy" badge How about Dean Thomas?
  5. I slap Emerald for having such an awesome surname.
  6. Definitely the Department of Magical Law Enforcement Would you rather find out that you were related to the Potters or the Weasleys?
  7. False Likes blueberry waffles?
  8. Pretty Serious Very Mysterious Men Of Magical Nature N.D.O.R.S.I.
  9. Toss 2 of 3 I’m aiming for the suit of armor
  10. Actually I’ll take a green doublet for 30. Thanks!
  11. I am aiming for the cherry tartlet.
  12. If anyone is interested, I have an extremely rare copy of Moste Potente Potions that I am willing to trade for 75 gold and a golden goblet embedded with emeralds.
  13. A green doublet and green hat, please. Alas, I see I do not have enough gold. How embarrassing!
  14. The knight upon his steed does wait. He can’t back out; it’s much too late. The knight is charged and down he goes. Poor knight! I fear he’s broke his nose.
  15. Good Queen Lora, I humbly offer you golden staff, with a moonstone embedded at the very top. The staff allows you to control the weather, just state your desire, touch the moonstone and tap the staff twice upon the ground and your weather preference will come into effect.
  16. Frank The Persecuted What about Percy Weasley?
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