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  4. Rolling off the table and onto the floor... Enormous crashing sounds suddenly erupt Pieces of glass, shattered across the carpet Ahead of your senses, you shout... Reparo! Reparo! Only for the shattered glass to meld back into place!
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  6. I chose to illustrate 'Alohomora', the unlocking charm, depicted by an unlocked padlock.
  7. The Faerie Court is not something that is so easily found. It is hidden deep in the forest, surrounded by a circle of large willow trees. There is one entrance, a path leading into the center, branches and willows creating a tunnel of leaves and visible magic. The magic is purple, pink and yellow, shining sparkles that get brighter as you enter deeper into the court. There is a large tree stump in the center, deep pink in colour, which is where the meetings take place. There are toadstools, vines, ferns and an abundance of lush bushes surrounding the court in an oval shape. From the outside, this looks as though it were just a simple cluster of trees, however when you enter the court, the forest is transformed before you eyes into an array of colours and magic that non-magic folk would be bewildered to see.
  8. I saw the boggart in the Transfiguration courtyard. It turned into a giant Acromantula, and all the people around me let out a scream. I yelled RIDDIKULUS! and the Acromantula transformed into a fluttering group of monarch butterflies, all flying away, up away into the sky.
  9. The camera is such a wonderful invention that muggles have provided for us! Whether it's for taking pictures of your loved ones, or creating videos of precious memories, the camera has captured so many moments that we are able to re-live over and over again. Muggles love to enjoy their photographs, while us wizards are lucky enough to have our photographs come to life. Another wonderful muggle invention accompanying the camera would be motion pictures! I am sure muggles and wizard kind alike all love to enjoy the movies that muggles film and produce for us!
  10. 1. Dragon Attack A "dragon" attack occurred late Friday evening as a family had been enjoying their vacation at a local campground. No fatalities have been reported, however several people are now in hospital with minor injuries. The family, staying in their R.V. at the campground, say they were attacked by a "green, scaly" creature, who also had a "long and spiny" tail. Reports say the campground was pitch black, as their campsite was located in the corner of the property, and the street lights did not reach their location. An eye witness heard screaming, along with seeing the "long and spiny" tail the family had reported. No cell phone footage was taken as the family used this vacation to take a break from their busy technology-filled lives. The eye witness reported the scene as "chaotic" yet happened very quickly. Reports that it had been a "dragon" attack soon filled the minds of the victims and witness as no one truly got a good look at the creature. Local authorities are urging residents to use caution when spending time in the wilderness, as crocodiles have been known to inhabit the location in which this attack occurred. They are urging everyone that this is not a dragon attack but simply a case of a crocodile gone made. Medical staff who treated the family are also urging people to be careful around wildlife, as they too believe this was caused by a crocodile.
  11. As a lover of anything medieval, I would love to see how the world was back in the middle ages! Especially when regarding the lives of witches and wizards! There so many stories and legends that emerged from this time period, so going back for one day, would be so much fun to explore! Imagine going back in time to meet Merlin himself! It would truly be a life changing experience for any wizard! To witness and experience ancient wizard rituals and traditions would truly make my life complete.
  12. I chose to create a Fairy disguise for Wendelin!
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