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  1. My choice of surprise would be an Amethyst, my favourite variety of quartz!
  2. My design on my float would have to be one in which would capture the most eyes! Big, and bold colours to surely stand out amongst the crowd. I would have a main platform, with a secondary raised platform, with a throne on top, for the float master to wave and throw candy into the audience! The float itself would be gold in colour, with golden feathers bordering it. An array of purple and green feathers can be seen covering the throne, as well as the platform itself. The float master will be dressed to the nines in glittering gold and a marvelous purple glittery top hat!
  3. Which creature would you like to work with? (It must have featured in Fantastic Beasts) I would love to work with Puffskeins! Why are you keen to work with this particular creature? Puffskeins intrigue me as they are noticeably adorable as soon as you look at them. All you see, is a little ball of puffy fur. I have always been intrigued by small, fuzzy adorable creatures, and Puffskeins are no exception! What skills or aptitudes do you have that you think could prove useful in the role? As someone who has obtained considerable experience working with cats and kneazles, I am sure my skills would smoothly transfer over within providing care for Puffskeins! They are easy to care for, and providing food and shelter for them would also be easy as they are small and can fit into almost any enclosure.
  4. Anne-Marie, you inspired me to also create my outfit in Animal Crossing :)
  5. Fawkes the Phoenix is a quintessential creature!
  6. As many of my avid fans know and remember, the battle of the Basilisk within the Chamber of Secrets at Hogwarts remains one of my most glorious feats! Not only was I the heroic adult guiding two children into the depths of the unknown, but I was the one who had delivered the blow to the Basilisk's head in order to save the little children. They merely escaped with their lives, and I was left with an unfortunate memory charm issue. However if it weren't for my courageous act against the ferocious Basilisk, those children would have met their doom if not for me!
  7. Now, I know many of you dazzling young wizards are yearning to know about how I stay so well groomed and pristine while dueling and clobbering all these treacherous, ugly monsters. Defense against magical beings can be a messy business, and a well to do gentlemen such as myself needs to look his best at all times! Before I ever begin any perilous journey, I spend at LEAST 30 minutes to an hour in front of the mirror! Yes! Mirror time is a crucial time! I begin with my face, as it needs to be clean and free of dirt and oil, and lightly moisturized with my very own Gilderoy Lockhart serum (available for purchase in Diagon Alley) After my face is fresh and moisturized, I move onto my glorious golden hair. The gel I use is made of a particular mushroom only found within the Forbidden Forest. This gel is so powerful even the fiercest of battles cannot move a hair from my head! Now please, young wizards, read on to Chapter 3 to learn more about how to apply the gel properly...
  8. Thank you, this is a tricky one lol!
  9. What is the format in which the solution should be written?
  10. Not sure if I should be asking this here, or in a PM... However the logic puzzle of Task 8 has been baffling me. It seems there is not enough information to determine all 5 platters, all 5 food items, and all 5 properties, in order to match them all together. I am aware this is a logic puzzle and it is my job to match them all, however the information provided doesn't seem like it has all the information needed in order to solve the logic. If that makes sense? I may be overthinking it... or I may completely have it wrong? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
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