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  1. “—You may say We grows seasonals of transparency, yet there’s reason We grows annuals of opaque.” - C.Y.M. The ‘Potion of Inscne’ [“INSH-kna”] gives its drinker power to shift the quality of their expressive gender to any area on the spectrum between the spirit of feminine and masculine energies. This was discovered, through a necessary request of assistance from her parents, by 11 year old Irish muggle, Eilís Ryan [“AY-lish” or “EYE-lish” meaning ‘Pledged to God’, corresponding with the English name Elizabeth, sometimes Alice; “RY-en”, derived from the Gaelic word “Rí” meaning ‘King’], whose neighbor, Miss Cemphra Maebh (18th century Herbologist), was the notorious Witch believed to have spent her post educational life Imping crafts of plant and baking Magic into the presence of children labeled “without the sense.” Ryan (who was later referred to by many as “Our King” or “King from God”, as her name implies) grew up to be a powerful influence on both communities. Miss Maebh fell off of the radar at a young age. Appreciated only after by notepads left behind containing memory fragments of any developments or progress along her quest toward cultivating the divide between the world she grew up with and non-magic people through the local youth. Notes which some have argued were riddled with signs of mental insanity. There are those who still say that the children Cemphra spent her time with were either falsely “lead” into their successes (that it came directly from Maebh herself to be used as evidential ‘proof’ of her own opinions), or at best that her young friends only showed signs of unusual ability “by accident” or some other form of “coincidence.” INGREDIENTS: Brigid’s plant (Dandelion) Rosemary Valerian root Blackberry Vinegar INSTRUCTIONS: Inscne Potions cannot be made by a single individual, nor by uneven numbers.*{1} Otherwise, this is a relatively simple potion to create with a surprising amount of flexibility. It is essentially impossible to fail if basic instructions are followed. All who are involved must split themselves into two groups: one 'feminine', the other 'masculine'. Both sides must be represented. This is not pendant on an individuals physical sex —which was found to be irrelevant— but asks each person to decide where the spirit of their energy dwells in that moment. Meaning one could represent the other essence during subsequent batches, rather than always being bound to a single perspective. One requirement being this may not be decided mindlessly (i.e. without any level of consideration). If not chosen with intentionality, common knowledge says the potion will refuse to benefit those who ignore this factor or anyone working alongside them. Most scholars suggest this is the case even if they technically have aligned with the “correct” side during the encounter. This is seen as a sign of disrespect. Contrariwise, those whose intentions are pure will never be ignored by Magic. Both teams must boil their own small amount of water. The feminine side adding Valerian root*{2} while stirring counter-clockwise, the masculine side adding Brigid’s plant while stirring clockwise. Remove from heat and cool to a drinkable temperature. The masculine side should then add rosemary to their brew, which at this point can be transferred into the Valerian water at any time. From here, the potion is ready to be strained for use or to be stored, with or without delay. Blackberry vinegar must be added —only by a member of this specific feminine group— immediately prior to consumption (within a half-minute). Effects will take place in a matter of moments, lasting on average approximately 2-3 hours. *{1} the exception to this rule is when preparers form in multiples of three (the only time uneven groupings has been practiced successfully) which typically brews incredibly potent batches —particularly when numbers are also in balance: i.e. 3 and 3 or 9 and 9 vs. 3 and 6 or 6 and 12, though structures such as 1 and 2 or 7 and 5 would also be acceptable in this case— regardless of the dominating gender *{2} it doesn’t matter how little or how much any ingredient is used in this potion. In fact, if other prompts are followed appropriately, the incorporation of additional ingredients for preference of taste has been known to work with equal effectiveness
  2. Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) is native to Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. The soft, pale yellow to colorless, linear leaves cultivated from this small tree/shrub alternate and are sometimes scattered or whorled. It is a dominant species where it grows —typically along streams and swampy flats— which offers many antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal benefits across a wide range of uses. This plant is a member of the myrtle family. With a strong, fresh, and clarifying camphoraceous smell, the essential oil of Tea Tree is an effective healing agent against infections, calms swelling and redness of skin, and can be used to treat such things as insect bites and stings, toothache and other oral conditions, blemishes, ear infection, lice, a cough, and burns, etc.
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