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    At Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes with Sav and Emerald going crazy with everything there is!
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    I love reading, painting, cooking, baking but mostly traveling <3

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  1. Question time: Is there any type of music or any song in particular that you feel touches your heart??


    To me it happens with Celtic music, I don't know why but it feels like a long lost dream for my soul.

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    2. Sky Alton

      Sky Alton

      Oh man, creepy. I was listening to Waving Through a Window just as I read your comment, Isa! :)

    3. Isa Vestal

      Isa Vestal

      That’s such a weird coincidence! Also so cool that you like Dear Evan Hansen :D

    4. Sky Alton

      Sky Alton

      I love musicals of every description :D

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