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  1. I swap 1L of polyjuice potion for a cute niffler
  2. 8500 another one thousand 'n five hundred to go ૮₍ ˃ 0 ˂ ₎ა!
  3. sitting on a chair for 2 hours in the dungeons is no fun at all. So I guess forbidden forest it is would you rather fly on an invisible threstle or on a Hungarian Horntail?
  4. nay! mine own fellow gryffindorian (⁀ᗢ⁀) hmmm, going with...IVEY?
  5. Be Very Lucky. I just know that being in charge of everything in the world exceeds the limit of me being responsible due to burnout XD Would you rather become a pro-skater or a pro-ice skater ?
  6. Guilty. Been scared of Barney the Dinosaur as a kid?
  7. Hi Kaissa! I slap Kaissa cuz I am very happy to meet her :D !!
  8. 8396, ( I see the game's still going on and on \0/!)
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