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  1. There are so many forbidden books  up in the attic, however i'm not going to take them! :(


  2. i just found  somebody's wand in the attic... does it belong to anyone? I  also found some books, COOL

  3. i'm just exploring the  attic and finding lots of stuff :)

    1. Lora Wallabenger

      Lora Wallabenger

      What stuff ? Anything interesting ?

  4. ima just reading right now

    1. Sky Alton

      Sky Alton

      anything good?

  5. just chilling in the common room :)


    1. Sky Alton

      Sky Alton

      The chairs are very comfy, right? :)

  6. Sorry if I woke you up last night my nine tails can be very uncomfortable :haha:  

  7. Hello again it's me Boris Clifford, anyway. Before I went home to my mum and dad for Summer Holidays, I over heard some students giggling about another wizard who, apparently, isn't very good in class. However I disagree with these "rumours" because every wizard or witch, great or young, is capable not too nag or anything. I know how it feels for the people who are bullied but please i would like to raise awareness of this. Thank you Boris Clifford :)
  8. My nine tails have just grown back i'll try to be careful (oops)  XD


  9. OK hello, you probably all know me: Boris Clifford. Anyway I would like to raise awareness that if you do see an injured animal or creature in the forest or anywhere near school, please try to help it or calm it down. I did rescue a Griffin a week ago, but i do take lessons on animals and creatures, but still! I hope that none of my class/ room mates abuse the animals because animals do deserve to be treated as we do too. I would however highly suggest that do NOT put your hands anywhere near it's mouth as for instance, griffins beaks can break arms so please be careful. Thank You for reading! Please spread the word of this article because I think it is highly important that we know what to do and what not to do when we see and animal/creature in need. Thank you Boris PS I will notify Prof Dumbledor and Hagrid.
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