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  1. That's a great series of gifts to look at, but I'm feeling like Amy's serpent is exactly what I need at the moment: something that can boost both my battle prowess and my mood - while looking gorgeous to boot. So I'm passing the crown onto Prof. Amy Lupin for the next round!
  2. I'll take a blue shield, please! Which should get me down to 2 gold pieces after the candies...
  3. A bag of yellow candies for me!
  4. This time I'm going for mystery item 8 (spin 2 this round)!
  5. Aiming for mystery item #11!
  6. From the beach trouble arises But, of course (we emphasize this) this is no problem for the knight who can banish it without fright!
  7. My queen, I offer you this box made of snakeskin, charmed so that it can preserve whatever you wish to put in it.
  8. Lee the Light-Hearted. Neville Longbottom?
  9. Toss 3: aiming for the sword!
  10. Purchase 1 emerald ring and 1 pair of gold dice
  11. Aiming for the cherry tartlet!
  12. Fortunately, landing in the jello managed to completely cure her of her allergies to the substance.
  13. Guilty Ever spins around in circles just for the fun of it?
  14. unfortunately, she succeeded by falling through the floorboards!
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