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  1. I'm thinking of a way simple solution: what's wrong with a good, old-fashioned Aguamenti?
  2. That's a great series of gifts to look at, but I'm feeling like Amy's serpent is exactly what I need at the moment: something that can boost both my battle prowess and my mood - while looking gorgeous to boot. So I'm passing the crown onto Prof. Amy Lupin for the next round!
  3. I'll take a blue shield, please! Which should get me down to 2 gold pieces after the candies...
  4. A bag of yellow candies for me!
  5. This time I'm going for mystery item 8 (spin 2 this round)!
  6. From the beach trouble arises But, of course (we emphasize this) this is no problem for the knight who can banish it without fright!
  7. My queen, I offer you this box made of snakeskin, charmed so that it can preserve whatever you wish to put in it.
  8. Lee the Light-Hearted. Neville Longbottom?
  9. Purchase 1 emerald ring and 1 pair of gold dice
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