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  1. The control panel has multicoloured buttons all over all the walls. They look like gems, chocolates, or both - changing appearance at will so that the wall never looks the same twice. But if you think of a specific thing you want, the corresponding button will move towards your field of vision to make it easy for you to press that button, as well as other buttons with similar features in case you actually want something slightly different. And the buttons that look like chocolates will take you to the room where the corresponding chocolates were made!
  2. Fizzy Lifting Drinks! These candies can last a ridiculously long time (even the Muggle version can last half an hour)!
  3. My gum would most likely begin with some sort of fancy salad course - maybe a shrimp caesar salad as a starter? And for the main, I'd want to borrow something from our friends to the north in Finland and add some of the tastiest meat I have ever tasted - which is reindeer steak (seasonally appropriate to boot). I felt like Violet's gum was a disappointing dessert because it didn't even have any chocolate; I'll think of having the gum taste like a rich chocolate cake (with chocolate fondant - and chocolate covered raspberries around the edges). The colours would match those of the food: pink, green, and various shades of brown swirling through the gum!
  4. That's a great series of gifts to look at, but I'm feeling like Amy's serpent is exactly what I need at the moment: something that can boost both my battle prowess and my mood - while looking gorgeous to boot. So I'm passing the crown onto Prof. Amy Lupin for the next round!
  5. I'll take a blue shield, please! Which should get me down to 2 gold pieces after the candies...
  6. A bag of yellow candies for me!
  7. This time I'm going for mystery item 8 (spin 2 this round)!
  8. From the beach trouble arises But, of course (we emphasize this) this is no problem for the knight who can banish it without fright!
  9. My queen, I offer you this box made of snakeskin, charmed so that it can preserve whatever you wish to put in it.
  10. Lee the Light-Hearted. Neville Longbottom?
  11. Purchase 1 emerald ring and 1 pair of gold dice
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