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  1. Hi Brianna and Tushar! Tushar, you can find out all about rubies in this handy thread:
  2. It's the final deadline for most classes today. Have you done your homework? Remember it's never too late to earn some points!

  3. Approved Kris Dyson - First Year
  4. Hello hello, Lorainia and Torii! Draw a chair up to the fire.
  5. We're racing towards the end of term and I can't remember when the house cup race was last this exciting. Gryffindor is doing absolutely spectacularly but we need to keep it up! Let's keep hard on the heels of those eagles and snakes. (What do you mean snakes don't have heels? Shhh) Are you sure you know when your homework deadlines are? While most classes have a final deadline of the 15th of January, some are due earlier. Make sure you check and know what you need to turn in when. Even if you've fallen behind with a class and don't think you can pass it, submit work anyway. You'll still earn some points and every point counts! There are also points up for grabs in the Library this month. With projects delving into the history of the Hogwarts founders and the ripple effect of new years resolutions, I'm sure you can find a story to tell. Deadline: 31st January Let's go, Gryffindor, let's go!
  6. Hi Emerald! Welcome to The Den To edit your sig, you need to go to the signature tab under account settings (https://gryff.net/index.php?/settings/). To put in an image, you need to click the link that says 'Insert Image from URL'. A box should pop up for the URL which will then make the image appear in your sig's edit field,, once you've hit the 'insert image' button to confirm. Adding your av you do from your profile (it's called your 'profile photo'); activating that option should bring up a box with several checkboxes, one of which is 'import from URL'.
  7. A roaring happy birthday to Jessica Granger! I hope it's a purr-fect day.
  8. Approved Lizzy Gryffin - First Year (your username was changed to add correct spacing)
  9. Sky Alton

    Ruby Deadline

    This is the last chance to earn rubies for the Autumn term! Make sure you've got everything that's worth rubies turned in to be in with a chance to earn one of our shiny awards and to bag yourself some extra HOL beans.
  10. Sky Alton

    True or False

    True. I'd be too embarrassed to walk out (plus, at least then I can critique it with full knowledge of what happened) Likes spending time alone
  11. A hippogriff as it'd be a lot more comfortable. Would you rather serve a detention in the kitchens or the laundry?
  12. I slap Maxim for having so many rubies
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