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  1. Approved Brody Peery - First Year Rejected Heddie Hier - I couldn't find you in the HOL database Notes McFizzle - Your username was changed to Fiona McFizzle to match your HOL name and you were approved as a first year.
  2. ?Approved Apolla Witwill - Ravenclaw visitor Rejected Rachael - please sign up with your full HOL name. Birdie - please sign up with your full HOL name.
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  6. Wonderful to have you here, Carrie! Welcome
  7. Approved Mya Abititeux - Slytherin Visitor Carrie Warts - First Year Notes Karin ravanal - your username was changed to include proper capitalisation (Karin Ravanal) and you were approved as a first year.
  8. Hi Mary, welcome to our Common Room! I'm a fellow writer.
  9. Approved Mary Seville - Ravenclaw visitor Maida Wood - First Year Elizabeth Keen - First Year Rejected Lilac Potter - Unfortunately I couldn't find you in the HOL database. Please sign up again with your HOL name or register for HOL first.
  10. A warm welcome to the Den, Vee!
  11. Approved Berta Blush - First Year Hester Bouma - First Year Megan Burwood - First Year
  12. Sky Alton

    Gone Camping

    Venture into the great outdoors from the comfort of the Common Room as we embark on a very magical camping trip. New tasks released on Wednesdays and Saturdays with everything due at the end of the month. Let's go explore!
  13. Welcome to the CR, Hayley! Great to have you here.
  14. Welcome to the Den, Aurelia. You look quite spiffing yourself.
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