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  1. Amy, you hit the shield. Lora, unfortunately you miss
  2. Maxim, you hit the cake Amy, you miss the candies but hit mystery item 3 next to them and get 10 coins February, Lora and Tarma, sadly you all miss Adaleine, the luck finally changes and you win the emerald ring
  3. *Folds it neatly and hands it over*
  4. Adaleine, you miss mystery item 2 but hit the doughnut next to it February, unfortunately you miss Tarma, you hit the mediaeval dress Prof. Amy, you hit the helmet Student Amy, you hit the bow and arrows Maxim, unfortunately you miss Raevia, unfortunately so do you
  5. The prize table has been updated and your turns have been reset
  6. A troop of English country dancers periodically come skipping down the lanes of the fair in a swirl of skirts and sleeves. You stop to watch them finish a number. As you’re strolling away though, you hear one dancer whisper to another how uncomfortable she’s finding the costumes and another complain about how they never get to wear anything more interesting. Can you help the dancers? Come up with a new costume design that will give their pivot step the flare they’re longing for. You can do this either by creating a graphic, describing the costume in at least 80 words or by using a doll maker (if you take this last option, please make sure you put effort into it) Post below by the end of Gryfftoberfest on October 31st and receive 20 gold pieces.
  7. Anna, you hit mystery item 1 and find a sapphire ring inside Evi, you miss where the mystery item was and there's nothing close enough to hit instead Amy, you hit the flag
  8. Certainly, your grace. Done
  9. You hit them and they're yours to keep
  10. *hands over a small box tied with a bow*
  11. All transactions completed, my good folk.
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