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  1. Approved Adalyne Rose Clark - First Year
  2. Congratulations to Lorainia Riverrider, our latest Junior Prefect! Also a roaring welcome to Adaleine Shuster who has just finished her squib period and become a lion.

    1. Iverian Gnash

      Iverian Gnash

      Congratulations Lorainia! I'm sure you'll be an awesome JP! And Welcome Ada! You'll be a wonderful addition to the house :)

  3. Make sure you've sent in your improving articles and other submissions for the next issue of our purr-fect publication. Don't forget Prose and Cons too. Head to the Quivering Quill for all the details.
  4. I can go on at great length about how much I love Philosopher's Stone for its sense of wonder and jewel bright colours. I just find something incredibly comforting in its simplicity and rich descriptions. I don't even think it's the lack of danger or darkness that elevates it for me but just how well constructed it is. As a kid I adored the descriptions and concept and as an adult I can respect how much magic and excitement is packed into a relatively small number of pages.
  5. Unfortunately, the stairs were slippery after a rain shower and he slipped.
  6. Over by the fireplace, people are taking a break from the clean-up mission and rehydrating with some butterbeer (the nifflers have gone off with all the shiny bottle tops, we can’t just let it go to waste, after all). Somehow they’ve gotten onto the subject of what mischief they’d get up to if they had a niffler of their own - all perfectly hypothetical I’m sure. Go join in and take the weight off your feet for a moment. In 50 words or more, tell us what you’d do if you had the services of a niffler. You’ll earn 10 rubies by sharing your entirely theoretical trouble-making or get-rich-quick ideas by 11:59 PM on February 29th
  7. I’ve repurposed the Gryffindor notice board to serve as an incident board. As new reports of niffler sightings come in, they all need recording and pinning up here. For this task, we’re asking you to do an artistic rendering of a report of a possible niffler sighting. Perhaps someone could have sworn they were being watched by a pair of bright little eyes from between two books on a shelf or saw a paw whisking out of site beneath a table. Please make a graphic of the sighting and post it below. Alternatively, you could take the person’s statement in their own words (providing there are at least 50 of those words) and post exactly what they said. You’ll earn 10 rubies by contributing to the incident board by 11:59 PM HOL-time on 29th February
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