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  1. Azkaban. My fellow occupents would probably be quieter. Would you rather go somewhere you've always wanted but have to do it alone or stay home but be with people you love?
  2. Guilty. I tend to make quick judgements but I try not to act on them until I've done some more finding out. Has spent days trying to persuade their own brain that they're happy about something that they are not.
  3. We all know that there’s no safer place than Hogwarts. But even in the safest place in the world, it pays to be prepared. The Head of House has instructed me to come up with an Emergency Kit for the Gryffindor Common Room so that we are perfectly prepared for any crisis (house elf strike, rampaging hippocampi, spell gone wrong) that almost certainly, probably, hopefully won’t happen. Unfortunately, I’ve been far too busy to gather the items we’ll need so I’ve decided to crowd source the kit from our wonderful students, staff and visitors. I call it the Cleverly Collaborative Crisis Coping Collection Initiative. Now I know that you don’t all have access to top of the range emergency gear with the first Hogsmeade visit so far away so we may have to improvise a bit with stuff we already have lying around the place… Please contribute items that you think would be useful to the emergency kit and explain why you’re adding them. The reasons can be silly or serious. The catch is, they must be items that you already own: it would be particularly fun if they were items that you can see from wherever you are when you respond but just something you own is fine too. As this is an icebreaker, it would also be good if the items gave us a hint about your interests or personality. You may post as many times as you like, though not back to back. I’ll begin… I’ll donate my fluffy flamingo as we might be able to use it as a decoy or distraction in an emergency.
  4. A very happy birthday to a newcomer to The Den. I hope you have a gryfftastic day, Marcus!
  5. The start of term means plenty of new classes, new faces and new opportunities to add to Gryffindor’s hourglass! First things first, have you picked your classes yet? They really are the best way to earn points and also the only way you’re going to get quills to advance a year next summer. Make sure you know when your homework is due for everything as deadlines can vary! Secondly, you should hot foot it over to the HOL Forum for the HOL Welcome fair. Not only are there posts from all the houses telling you what extracurricular fun they have on offer but you can earn points too! From now until the 30th of September, you can complete puzzles, get creative and chat to fellow students; if you do it all, you’ll earn 60 house points. Deadline: 30th September The Departments also have new projects on offer for the start of term. In the Library, the Hogwarts Welcome Feast isn’t quite going to plan and your very survival is at stake (those aren’t necessarily part of the same story but hey, they could be). The Art department is being very practical and getting you set for your new classes with swish school supplies and tempting textbooks. Deadline: 30th September By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes. In addition to the SerpenTimes issue I mentioned above, the Alte Sententiam (Ravenclaw’s Paper) is open for business! If you have an idea for an informative article, a review or even a puzzle, drop Gail Allen a message and run it by her. You can also head over to The Great Hall on the HOL Forum to check out the details of the Drabble Babble feature: they’re asking for spooky stories of exactly 100 words, as well as your eerie photography. While you’re there, you should also have a look at the Bingo Board of fun writing prompts that can earn you not only points but an award at year’s end. Deadline: 30th September Phew! I think I got it all. Now it’s your turn: go out there and do the house proud! Let’s go, Gryffindor, let’s go!
  6. The class list is out! Go forth and sign up, have fun and earn points!

  7. Class sign-ups are open! Visit the Classes tab on the main website to see exactly what's on offer, then get earning those points. Do you know what you're taking? Are there any you just can't pick between? Did you think you had an idea of what your schedule would look like before the list went up and did you completely change your mind? Whether you're already signed up or still having a good long think about things, I wish you the very best of luck for this school year! Welcome (back) to the castle.
  8. I slap Ivey because her reputation has now changed to 9 (having been on 8 forever) and now I have to get used to a new number near her name.
  9. Some Value Icelandic Apples I.W.P.W.H
  10. Welcome to Madam Pince’s board! The formidable Hogwarts librarian has stepped away from her desk for a moment so I can be as loud as I like while running through the purpose of this forum with you. That purpose is points, precious, precious points. How to get them and how to get more of them. Jokes aside, this board is the place to come for all matters relating to HOL classes, HOL assignments and extra house point earning opportunities. Whether you're after information or a helping hand, hopefully we can provide. If you’re excited about class sign-ups, want to get opinions on an idea for a class you might want to teach, need support balancing your work load, are struggling with an assignment or are looking for an activity to fill your time, this is the place. Every term, I will post a thread to help you keep track of all the ways you can earn points for our house and pin it to the top of the board. I’ll update it every time something new pops up so make sure you check back regularly. I’ll also be posting reminders for important things like deadlines and the start of class signups. There may be the odd inspirational speech or expertly choreographed cheerleading routine thrown in as well to help you along. In short: watch this space! If you have any questions, suggestions or frantic cries for help that you need to get off your chest, my inbox is always open. (I mean, you could ask Madam Pince… if you think you’re brave enough.)
  11. Oh, what’s this? Points for the earning even before the term starts? Yes! If you head on down to the Departments, you still have a few days left to take part in the various summer projects. The Art Department want to see what you got up to during your holidays in a montage extravaganza. The Library is investigating some mysteriously misdirected postcards and speculating on what would happen if time saving devices went rogue. There’s a maximum of 60 points up for grabs and you’re guaranteed half just for taking part. Deadline: 31st August Also, the SerpenTimes are ahead of the game and are already accepting submissions for their first issue of the school year. The theme is discovery so go and see what you can discover in the way of writing materials and venture down to the Dungeons for more information. Deadline: 15th October
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