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Rowan Dream

Class ideas

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Hi all


I'm not sure this belongs here or if I'm even allowed to post this here but I'm having way to much ideas for HOL classes so I figured I'd share them with you all. I'm doing this so everybody can benefit from my little mind. I also don't mind if people use these ideas and actually make them into a class because that is why I'm posting this list here. I don't have time to make all these classes but am sure somebody can use a boast or somebody doesn't have an idea about what HOL class to make. If this don't belong here, feel free to delete this post. 

I hope somebody can use this list and be on his or hers merry way into making a class. 

Class ideas

The mauraders 




Wizarding law

The ministery of magic

How to become an auror

Fairies, elves and pixies

Folklore of the world

Myths and legends of the world

RPG 101

Magical places in harry potter




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Im trying to think of an exciting class to teach that people would be interested in. These are some good ideas :) 

I've always has a thing for teaching  pop culture.... hence my last class I taught was based on the Game of Thrones tv series and A Song of Fire and Ice book series. 

Any other classes people would be interested in taking? 

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As I am a nerd, I wanted to do a class that goes over the history of the popular 90s TV Show, Power Rangers. It was celebrating 20th anniversary in 2013. I had plans of what the classes would be like.. but I never did. I feel like it would not have been good. Another would be Fanfiction 101 to teach others about the fun of writing fanficitions and how to get a good fanficiton started. 

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