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Lea Arsenic

Who's your HOL character?

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Okay okay,

I'm all about characters. Character design, character customisation, and characters that other people have created.


So I thought: 


“How about I create this topic where people can share their character's description and personality with others?”

Totally safe idea, what could possible go wrong?


I'll just start off by describing mine because I’m clearly a narcissistic maniac I—I mean why not? A conversation has got to start somewhere...


The character I use to wonder around HOL is Lea, Lea Arsenic (never mind the surname it's dumb and twisted). She's a bubbly, kinda self-interested and overly confident attempted badass with electric blue eyes and dirty blond hair. Basically, she's a cooler version of me.

And yes, the title “Attempted Badass” is one she proudly displays.

Now quick disclaimer:

Obviously no one has to have a persona or character in HOL, in fact I’m pretty aware that most people don't. So don't feel obligated to create a one or worse, be someone you're not. This is really just to share characters that people have created prior to this post!

You can find a picture of Lea right here: it's really badly drawn but never mind~



So, what's your character?

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I sort of have a HOL-self. She doesn't really turn up very often when I'm chatting to you guys (this is all me the person) but I do picture her when thinking about the imaginative aspects of HOL, like when I have to write for a class, an  activity or a roleplay.


Sky is actually a character from a novel I wrote when I was in my teens - I was lazy when signing up for HOL and used her. It's odd because now I both do and don't associate my HOL-self with that original character (I suppose my fictional HOL self might be an alternative universe version of her, if you want to get technical)


Anyway, enough of that weird metafictional stuff. Sky is small, lightly built and blonde. She's confident and exuberant - she loves to show off her wit. She's kind, imaginative, fiercely protective and still hot headed, even as a professor. She comes from a pureblood family of academics and musicians but her own heritage is halfblood, as her mother is muggleborn (no joke, I had to do a family tree for a class.... it is extensive). She likes charms the best because she loves how useful, artistic and subtle they can be.

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Kaissa is very curious about the world around her, and she is always willing to stand by her friends even if it means self-sacrifice. She is tall, with thick blond hair that goes all the way down to her back. She likes everything trendy, and she is the star of her swim team. She loves Hogwarts and she wants to become a Professor someday!

(Above is what I wish I was... I am different in real life)

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Oh, well, I might be a little bit late but that shouldn't matter, right?


Cailyn is basically just like me in character, sarcastic, lazy and a big procastinator. However, the moment she starts on a project, she finishes it very quickly. I think the only difference between Cailyn and me is that she doesn't care about the opinions of others. She does her thing, she followes classes she likes without thinking it might be weird, she makes her jokes and thinks everybody can kiss her a** ;) In real life I do care a lot about what others think of me, and I try to let it go as much as possible. It's hard sometimes, but I'm getting there!


Her looks are just like me, maybe a bit more 'perfect' since I don't always like how I look. She's tall (about 1.85 meters, which is close to 5'9 if I'm not mistaken) and mixed white/black. Her hair is cut up to her shoulders, but since it's VERY curly (think type 3C/4A) it's always in a big fluffy bun on her head. She has a bit more fat than I do in real life, and just seems to be happy all the time :)


She just enjoys life, and that's what's most important, isn't it?

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