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  1. Okay okay, I'm all about characters. Character design, character customisation, and characters that other people have created. So I thought: Totally safe idea, what could possible go wrong? I'll just start off by describing mine because I’m clearly a narcissistic maniac I—I mean why not? A conversation has got to start somewhere... The character I use to wonder around HOL is Lea, Lea Arsenic (never mind the surname it's dumb and twisted). She's a bubbly, kinda self-interested and overly confident attempted badass with electric blue eyes and dirty blond hair. Basically, she's a cooler version of me. And yes, the title “Attempted Badass” is one she proudly displays. Now quick disclaimer: Obviously no one has to have a persona or character in HOL, in fact I’m pretty aware that most people don't. So don't feel obligated to create a one or worse, be someone you're not. This is really just to share characters that people have created prior to this post! You can find a picture of Lea right here: it's really badly drawn but never mind~ So, what's your character?
  2. Okay imma try and revive this convo: My wand is made out of ebonized oak, about 12 inches long and complete with a dragon heartstring core. Not entirely sure about the flexibility though... maybe kinda solid? So yeah, there you go ;)
  3. ... I tried to move it, twist it, flick it, but it wouldn’t budge. That's it, I had had enough. I...
  4. Innocent! Though I don’t really make friends easily, I do love to cherish the ones I already have, and as for my family, we're very close! NOW Have you ever accidentally called a teacher “mom” or “dad”?
  5. Ooo tough one! I'm gonna say be the most popular, because why am I not currently I—I mean because who doesn’t?! I'm not a bad person I promise Your turn: Would you rather: Attack enemies from a distance, be speedy and agile BUT you're fragile and your attacks don’t do a lot? OR Attack enemies up close, be strong and do a lot of damage BUT you're heavy and you get hit easily?
  6. Now... I don't exactly want to be one, but if I really had to chose, I think I would be an orca/killer whale... don't ask. They terrify even the great white sharks in the oceans, so I’d like to be cool for once! Weird motive, but hey why not?
  7. Heyo! It's hard to start convos isn't it? I'm sure people will join as time passes!
  8. Hi! The name's Lea, and isn't it roaringly splendid to see you guys?! Okay that was weird but bare with me: I'm new this year, like a lot of the people who have replied to this thread, and oh boy it's reassuring to know some people are at the same stage as me! I'm a Gryffindor (why else would I be here?), and I really like the whole peaceful vibe passed on in the community, so good job everyone! I hope to see you around!
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