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  1. Aurelia had donned her oldest robes (the ones beginning to fray at the bottom) and, equipped with her sturdy gardening gloves, was ready to get to work. It had been a while since she last stepped foot in greenhouse 1, so she took a moment to reacquaint herself with the sights, smells, and sounds of the plants within. Making her way to some brightly colored plants near the window, she knelt down and started repotting them.
  2. Happy Birthday, Dario!! Hope you have a wonderful day!
  3. I would have started Hogwarts in 2009 I believe!
  4. Happy Birthday, Amanda! I hope you have an awesome day!
  5. Typically this would be true for me, but surprisingly not right now! Often stays up later than anticipated.
  6. I've also somehow managed to narrow the choices down to five, but there are so many that I hope are offered next term! • Advanced Care of Magical Creatures • Marvellous Musical Theatre - Act 1 • Occlumency • Steampunk 101 • Survival
  7. Happy Birthday, Marie! Hope it is full of fun and happiness!
  8. Happy Birthday, Hailey! I hope you have a wonderful day!
  9. *drops in with forum-warming gift* Now some flamingos can swim around in your beverages!
  10. True... unfortunately. Divides the oreo into two halves before eating it
  11. False, but I'd love for it to be true! Is participating in SQL this summer
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