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  1. Arkadia turned to a fellow first year who introduced herself as Manya. She smiled at her and replied, "It's nice to meet you. I'm Arkadia Klarke. This isn't the most ideal opportunity for introductions, I agree", she chuckled to herself before continuing, "then again, I'm not so sure there are ever ideal or more suitable moments for introductions." "I will be glad to join the search with you for the lost Lady. And I definitely agree that we should stay with Maxim & Carrie and any other students above us with more knowledge of the castle and grounds." Arkadia was excited and eager to help the others in the search for the Fat Lady and followed Manya over to where Carrie & Maxim stood.
  2. A sudden coughing fit jostled me from my deep thoughts. Another portrait a couple frames over was peeking out asking for help. Arkadia immediately hurried over to the poor, distressed individual in the painting whom she learned was named Violet from a fellow first year Manya who was standing with Maxim and another student by the name of Carrie. Stepping up to the painting, "Don't worry Violet. All of us will do our absolute best to find her, I know it! Try not to fret.", she smiled gently. "Now, where should we start our search?"
  3. I happened to be strolling along on this wonderful October morning down a corridor on the 7th floor, absently exploring while also attempting to locate what I could have sworn was the tail of niffler scurrying around the corner. I was interrupted however by quite the commotion down by the Gryffindor Common Room. Curious, I turned towards the concerned voices down the hall. Turning the corner I noticed several students milling around with a buzz of worried excitement. Observing the crowd, no faces were familiar to me except one. I noticed a second year Gryffindor speaking to the 6th year Ravenclaw Head Boy who had introduced himself as Maxim to me the other day. I caught parts of the second year's questions, but they were mostly muddled by all the whispers and commotion around me. '"Where did she go?" "What happened?" "I hope she's okay." "Who want's to help me look?" "Let's search together."' These were only a few of the conversations floating around me. I was confused as to who they were referring to. Who was missing? I stepped forward into the crowd and made my way towards the front of the group where everyone was packed closest together. "I'm so sorry, excuse me.", I apologized to someone I accidentally got pushed up against. Looking up, some students in front of me happened to move to the side which gave me a view of what was the subject of everyone's concern: The Fat Lady was gone. I stepped forward and lightly traced the frame while inspecting it for any scratches or tears, but nothing suspicious stood out from the painted scene. I was puzzled. I remembered this had happened once many years ago my father had told me. He had told me of a time when he had attended Hogwarts when The Fat Lady had disappeared once before in fear of the wrongly accused late Sirius Black. Was someone trying to break in? Was she hiding in fear again or did she fall asleep in someone else's painting somewhere in the castle? Where is she now? Arkadia stood lost in thought in front of the vacant painting, oblivious to the excitement around her.
  4. Arkadia laughed at the thought of Professor Alton melting a cauldron. "I certainly plan to try many things now that I'm here! Thank you for the advice and I'll do my best to try and not melt anything while I'm here." She then noticed the time on her watch. Looks like her first impression for her first day was going to show how consistantly late she can be. Looking back up to the professor, "I do apologize Professor, but I'm afraid I'll be rushing around to my classes today. I had a late start this morning and I am absolutely the worst with keeping track of time", she chuckled at herself with a shake of her head, "I've very much enjoyed meeting you and I'm looking forward to what I will learn in your classes!"
  5. "I'm sure it is almost like another world being a Professor, especially for your first term." , she agreed, following where Prof. Alton's eyes had just been on the curious boy. "You definitely keep yourself busy it sounds like! It's neat that the headmaster allowed you to teach your own personal subjects though!", she smiled at the professor. "I'll have to stop by the library some time. I always enjoy a good read." Arkadia straightened out a few wrinkles in her slightly oversized orange sweater that she just now noticed before a question popped into her head. "Professor, is there any advice you may have just in general? Especially this being my first year at the school?"
  6. "I am most definitely looking forward to class! I'm eager to learn new things and what all there is to learn. So, no, that's not a silly question in my opinion.", she responded excitedly, eyes beaming. "How long have you been a Professor here? Were you assigned to your class or did you choose it?" She was genuinely interested because her knowledge of the current staff was very little. Her father had attended, but that was many years ago of course and her mother is a muggle so of course her mother had no knowledge other than what her father had shared with her mother. The owl, however seemed to have gotten it's fill of the current conversation or had grown tired of the ruckus in the Great Hall and took off much more gracefully than it had landed and soared out one of the open windows in search of a more suitable breakfast, Arkadia assumed.
  7. "Oh I'm sure that's a likely cause. They have such wonderful hearing that I bet all the noise in here has them jostled.", she replied as she finished grooming the sweet owl before she continued, "I think the first day is disorienting for everyone involved if you think about it. Rushing around, finishing last minute details, seeing old friends and the excitement of new ones, making sure class schedules are given to the students, etc." She looked up from the owl she was now rubbing under it's beak, "Sometimes I suppose it takes a bowl of milk & cereal to make us slow down for a second.", she chuckled as she grinned at the Professor.
  8. Arkadia was suddenly brought back to earth when a crash sounded down the table on her left. She tore her gaze from above and looked over to see a Professor Sky covered in cornflakes & milk and the poor creature that was the cause of the mess, both looking equally ruffled. She hurried down the aisle towards the commotion, grabbing a few dry cloth napkins along the way. Reaching the Professor, she smiled and offered a couple napkins, "Here you go Professor Alton. I'm not particularly fond of milk in the morning, but I certainly am not in favor of wearing it." She then turned to the owl that was still stumbling around in the mess trying to get it's footing. Offering her hand to the owl, she coaxed it to come near her. "You will be alright little one. It's probably best that you stick to your natural diet and keep away from milk & cornflakes, huh?", she chuckled as she dipped the napkin in a glass of water and began cleaning up the shaken creature.
  9. Arkadia Klarke came darting up the halls only slowing her step as she passed by Professors, until she came upon the Great Hall. It was just as magnificent, breathtaking and magical as it had been the night before during the Sorting Ceremony. She was late to first breakfast due to her having the habit of losing track of time. She had been up well before dawn due to her excitement of this being her first day at Hogwarts. But she had gotten distracted with some little friends of hers. She had spent the nearly entire morning feeding and observing her caterpillars who she hoped would make it to their adult forms as moths. She lost all track of time, so despite being up early with more than enough time to prepare, she scrambled, resulting in her now hurrying through the entrance of the Great Hall. She didn't even glance around to see all the new faces. She knew that if she didn't grab something quick, her chance for breakfast would be gone in a literal "poof". She just managed to grab an orange and a slice of toast with strawberry jam, when she finally noticed the commotion overhead only due to the fact she very nearly missed being side-swiped by a beautiful tawny owl. She laughed, replying, "Good morning to you as well, friend!", and looked on in amazement at the graceful creatures flying above. There was no mail for her this morning. She knew she'd hear from her parents soon. They were both very busy individuals who both had much knowledge to share with others. She was excited to see what the first day would bring and what magical beasts she would meet during her school term.
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