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  1. One riddle :)

    6 is scared of 7 because 7, 8, 9. But why did 7 eat 9?

    Answer comes on Satuday.

  2. AAAAH! Only 15 days to the end of term!

  3. Hello! Today, I've got a question for you all. The answer will seem nonsense at first when I tell you - but it's funny.

    Each one who answers correct

     will get 10 beans from me. Please include a small description of why you chose this as your answer.

    "How many Hogwarts students will be needed to simply replace a light bulb?"


    You can PM me here at this forum or on HOL. I'll release the answer 2 days after now.

    Hint: No, the answer is not 0.

    Also, Happy Diwali!

    1. Rose Pottermore

      Rose Pottermore

      No one from any houses was actually correct. I'll send 5 beans to everyone who participated. The answer is 6.


      Any Hogwarts student would not replace a bulb for fun. I didn't say the bulb had a fault, nor it was broken. From the book Hogwarts, 1 Slytherin to break the bulb.

      1 Gryffindor to volunteer to climb up a ladder to replace the bulb.

      3 Hufflepuffs to hold the ladder firmly to ensure the Gryffindor's safety.

      After all, 1 Ravenclaw to point out that they could just have simply used magic!


      Don't come to try and beat me up for this kind of answer.

  4. Joke Of The Day


    Prof. McGonagall: Mr. Pettigrew, where is Mr. Black?

    Peter: Sirius is doing stuff.

    Prof. McGonagall: And where is Mr. Potter?

    Peter: James is stopping Sirius from doing stuff.

    Prof. McGonagall: What about Mr. Lupin?

    Peter: Remus is stopping James from stopping Sirius from doing stuff.

    Prof. McGonagall: Then why are you here, Mr. Pettigrew?

    Peter: I am supposed to stop you from stopping Remus from stopping James from stopping Sirius from doing stuff.

  5. Was funny so decided to share with you all...


    *A conversation between Sirius Black and Prof. McGonagall, in her office*


    Prof. McGonagall: I asked you if you were involved in that prank. Were you lying to me?

    Sirius: That depends on how you define lying.

    Prof. McGonagall: I define it as not telling the truth. How do you define it?

    Sirius: As to be in a horizontal or resting position on a supporting surface.

    Prof. McGonagall:


    Prof. McGonagall: Get out of my office.

    Sirius: With pleasure.

  6. I've been watching a lot of movies and series during the summer holidays this time. Muggles see them on Amazon Prime and Netflix. If anyone needs a suggestion for what to watch, just ask me. Or Manya.

    1. Manya Granger

      Manya Granger

      Hhahaahah!! Yeahh we are pro at this! ;)

    2. Manya Granger

      Manya Granger

      Hhahaahah!! Yeahh we are pro at this! ;)

  7. Lots of sweet newbies today. Wish you all a good time at HOL!


    Have A Nice Day!

  8. Welcome to the Den, @Aphrodite Lily James! Enjoy your time here!


    Have A Good Day!

    Rose :)

  9. Hey!


    Can anyone tell me which sites do they use to make siggies?


    Have A Good Day!

    Rose :)

    1. Carrie Warts

      Carrie Warts

      I use canva.com :)

    2. Rose Pottermore

      Rose Pottermore

      I got the secret of Carrie's wonderful siggies! Yay! Anyone else?

  10. Hope you are enjoying bestie!!!!

    I'm very happy that you're here with me @Manya Granger..... :)


    Enjoy! (And do your homework, hehe)

  11. Hi Fellow Gryffindors!


    Just wanted to say that I hope (and I'm sure) that you all are having a good time. Enjoy!!


    Have A Good Day!

  12. I thank you again, Carrie, for the wonderful siggy and avatar you made for me. They're great!!

    1. Carrie Warts

      Carrie Warts

      I'm so happy I'm gonna burst in tears <3

      I'm glad you liked them *hugs*

  13.  So excited that I already did my 3 home works!!!

  14. I would have signed up for each class if there wasn't a limitation!!

  15. Anyone joining me, @Manya Granger and @Zoe Smart at Platform 9 3/4? We have almost reached King's Cross!!

    1. Manya Granger

      Manya Granger

      yeahhh...I can see you come in front of the piller ..i am there waiting for yaa

  16. Seems like time has slowed itself as September the 1st just wouldn't come. So Excited!!! 1 day to go!!

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