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  1. My favourite hot drink for winter is definitely Hot Chocolate. I do not think there is a better drink for this season than the hot chocolate. I usually like to add a few things to my hot drink to make it a bit more delicious. My go to are marshmallows and some whipped cream on top, but not too much so I won't get my face dirty. I do not have any special memories related to this drink. I just really like it!
  2. Reparo + Accio - Accio: 5 Aguamenti: 17 Protego: 15 Reparo: 12 Wingardium Leviosa: 11
  3. Accio - Reparo + Accio: 7 Aguamenti: 17 Protego: 15 Reparo: 11 Wingardium Leviosa: 10
  4. Wingardium Leviosa + Aguamenti - Accio: 8 Aguamenti: 17 Protego: 15 Reparo: 9 Wingardium Leviosa: 11
  5. Protego + Aguamenti - Accio: 7 Aguamenti: 18 Protego: 15 Reparo: 10 Wingardium Leviosa: 10
  6. Accio + Aguamenti - Accio: 7 Aguamenti: 19 Protego: 14 Reparo: 11 Wingardium Leviosa: 9
  7. I would introduce a free polishing service. I have been walking around the store and I saw that many witches and wizards do not have clean wands. Most of them wands are in desperate need of polishing and so I believe that introducing a free wand polishing service would help to promote the place more. If not free, let's make it cheap with 5th or 10th visit free, so that the place would gain more customers and still profit from it.
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