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    Either brewing a potion, feeding the kraken, or reading a book in the library.
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    Dancing, workout, gym, singing, reading, writing, and so many more things. Not enough space for all of them.

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  1. Happy Birthday Raevia! Hope you get everything you wished for!
  2. Arnold the Pygmy Puff is Ginny's Pygmy Puff
  3. Hello! Don't be shy to send me a message. If you liked my mindfulness exercises, just tell me! I'm always open for new recommendations and I will add the exercises you told me if I forgot any. 

  4. My quester would be me. I am young, but strong, and workout every day. I am a proud Gryffindor and my spiritual self has many weaknesses, as for me, I would not like to share my personal weaknesses. My spiritual self is Lady Amaryllis, and it comes from a story my friend wrote about all my classmates. She doesn't have a wand, because she uses her mineral powers and controls her kingdom with her mind and her hand. She has a pet ruby named Bloodrock, a pet sapphire named Thorn Nightshade, a pet emerald named Mintlight, a pet diamond named Crystallize, a pet amethyst named Violet Night, and many, many more. Her mother, the fairy Thorn, was a Twilight Fairy and loved her daughter more than anything. Her father, the Dawn Fairy Sunlight, was a wizard and raised his daughter like a princess. She became a Midday Fairy and loved minerals because of her pets, and that's the story! I used to have brown hair going into blue at the tips, with an orange-red-yellow-pink eye color, the color of the sunset, but ever since someone took over my self, she has become shadowed. Now she has silver hair going into blue at the tips, and her eyes are blue into purple into black sunset color. She has been sitting by the Lake of Loneliness and stopped caring for her mineral kingdom. My quester, aka Amaryllis, wore a green brocade dress with rubies and sapphires all over before she became lonely. Now she wears a silver dress with blue tips and embroidered with diamonds and and sapphires because of the loneliness that wraps its arms around her.
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