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  2. Wishing @Dibyarup James Potter a gryff-tastic birthday! I'll get the red velvet cake.
  3. Folks who have turned in solutions. River Fenwick Dibyarup James Potter Katherine Laurier Adeline Morior
  4. This month we’re leafing through a book that’s probably very familiar to many of you: Hogwarts, a History. Written by celebrated magical historian Bathilda Bagshot, this book offers a detailed look at the history of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry and provides information about many of the castle’s most mystical features. It’s beloved by history lovers and students hoping to learn all of Hogwarts’ secrets alike. Task 1: https://gryff.net/index.php?/topic/4326-hogwarts-a-history-task-1/ Task 2: https://gryff.net/index.php?/topic/4325-hogwartsa-history-task-2/ Task 3: https://gryff.net/index.php?/topic/4324-hogwarts-a-history-task-3/
  5. Hogwarts, a History is full of fascinating facts about the castle and the enchantments woven around it. It’s how we know about the magical ceiling in The Great Hall, for instance. There are so many secrets though that some of them are bound to get overlooked. Do you have any favourite bits of Hogwarts trivia that nobody ever seems to talk about? For this task, we’d like you to make up at least 4 (four) fascinating facts about the castle and tell us about them. They could be about the building itself, the enchantments placed on it or even famous events that once took place there. These should be things from your imagination, rather than things we know already. You should cover each of your facts in at least 20 words, so you need 80 over all for full credit. To earn 10 rubies, post your response below by the 30th of June at 23:59 HOL-time.
  6. Some of the most influential people in Hogwarts’ long and storied history were the headmasters and headmistresses who oversaw the school. It seems only right to give those occupants of the beautiful circular office their own task. Here are 10 Hogwarts headmasters/headmistresses. Unscramble their names and receive 1 ruby per correct answer. dlsyi etrenwd oardnma eppdti uvesesr pasen xredet cesoerutf aeivrnm aggcamloln haillpdy oserp nnuiteq tmeblri lsbau mebddoruel hsieanp islelnug cabkl ieltehbza rkbeu Send your unscrambles to me (Prof. Sky Alton) via PM by the 30th of June at 23:59 HOL-time.
  7. There are so many things that symbolise Hogwarts: the houses, the magical treasures kept there, the people who have studied /taught there, and of course, the building itself. We all probably feel drawn to very different parts of the school’s history. If you were invited to create a new cover for Hogwarts, a History, incorporating elements from different eras and from different parts of the castle’s story, what would you choose to include? For this task, you can either create a cover image (a collage will be fine) or describe what you’d include and why in 80 words or more. If you choose the graphics option, please keep your image to 600x600 pixels and upload it to an image hosting website. To earn 10 rubies, post your response below by the 30th of June at 23:59 HOL-time.
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  11. Great to see you in The Den, Winter! Best of luck with that classwork.
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