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Gryffindor Common Room
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Prof. Sky Alton

Awards (Autumn Term 22/23)

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Hello, everyone!

Before we start looking ahead to another magical term, I’d like to take a minute to celebrate the last one. From a quidditch victory to another spectacular Gryfftoberfest, it was a really brilliant one for the house. It was also great to see so many of you working hard in your classes and in other activities - however many points you earned, we appreciate every single one of them.


And now it’s time to hand out a few shinies!


First up are our points and ruby based awards.


The Platinum Quill is awarded to the lion who earned the most points in the term. I’m delighted to present it to @Janne Halla who earned a staggering 1862points!


The Phoenix Award is given to the Gryffindor member who earned the most rubies throughout the term. This time that’s @Raevia Ward with a fabulous 418!


And the Lionheart Award is for the visitor with the highest ruby count. With a mighty score of 533, that’s @Prof. Will Lestrange!


And now on to the awards decided by the Gryffindor staff…


The Studious Simba Award is for someone who has truly distinguished themselves in classes. We couldn’t think of anyone more worthy of this trophy than @Janne Halla who has put in a herculean effort since joining us in the summer, in classes and in other areas too.


The Curious Kitten Award is given to someone who is a welcoming and encouraging presence around the Den. This term’s winner is @Reyyan Azkendra whose boundless enthusiasm has made The Den such a warm and friendly place to be.


The Exploding Snap award is given to a lion who has knocked our socks off with their creative ideas. She began the term by masterminding our Bright Beginnings Bingo activity and is hard at work on another ingenious plan as we speak, so @Lorainia Riverrider is a very deserving winner for this one.

Congratulations, folks and here’s to another amazing term. Free butterbeer this way!

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Thanks for another great term everyone!!

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