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  1. I aim for the hat two more times :P
  2. I offer you, my dear queen, a small globe with a galaxy inside, letting you see all the movements of the stars.
  3. Dobby the sincere. How about Katie Bell?
  4. Draco the misunderstood How about Colin Creevey?
  5. Well I guess I should be picking now...although they’re all wonderful gifts (I’m not sure about the snake...), I will pick Amy as the next ruler for knowing one of the things close to my heart!
  6. I am aiming for the wooden flute!
  7. "Alas," he cried, seeing the mouse "Beware, sleeping creature, I saw beware! When I return back to my house, o mouse, strength anew means should you go be elsewhere!"
  8. *bows* My queen, I present to you a golden statue of Ivy wrapping around a large, sparkling Ruby.
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