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  1. Top Ten Things Reggy Has to Bring Besides School Things: 1) My little spider plant that I’ve had for a few years now. 2) The many notebooks and journals where I’ve jotted down ideas and notes. Not taking those would be like not taking my brain! 3) A host of bracelets, mostly of wood, leather, and stones like agate, jasper, and tiger’s eye. I pretty much always have at least one of these on my wrist. 4) The Charmander plush I always sleep with. 5) Comfy sweaters and hoodies for chilling in the dorms and common room are a must! 6) Whatever couple of books are at the top of my reading list at the time. 7) My favorite mug, a large and sturdy one, for coffee. Because I know I’ll need it, haha...! 8) My favorite Muggle CDs, and... 9) ...A Muggle CD player. I swear that this year, I’m going to find a way to charm it so it’ll play. 10) The board game Betrayal at House on the Hill, for when autumn rolls around and I feel decidedly more spooky.
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    (Ooo Tarma, yes!) tunnels
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    (My mind definitely went to the hedgehog before the screwdriver, haha!) Boom
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    Ceiling! (it's written there... :P)
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