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  1. 9000!!! 1,000 left to go!
  2. My Patronus is a dolphin and when reading about what this Patronus really is in some detail, I can see why this aquatic creature was chosen. I do like to socialize with others around me and try to immerse myself in conversation (whenever I have the energy to do so) and I do make friends easily when there is something in common to talk about. I have been told in the past that I always beam with an inner light and bring a smile to others around me just because of my kind and playful nature to others and trying to cheer people up when they are down. Graceful though? That depends. I can be if I try, so I guess the dolphin is the right Patronus for me.
  3. False. I like to play basktetball.
  4. I swap the Marauder's Map for 5 Sugar Quills.
  5. Here is my submission for the jigsaw puzzle! https://imgur.com/a/HzvJ88b -Artemis E. Perkins
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