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  1. Hey, Hey, Hey! "Oh look! Bertie Bott's!" Munchy Munchy Munch! I'm here to help you eat or to make you be better or to fall sick! Everything from Pepper, grass and to earwax! (Bertie Bott's, Bertie Bott's!) Everything From chillies, coconut and seaweed! (Bertie Bott's Bertie Bott's!) Come and have some.... Bertie Bott's! Yayyyyyyyyyyy
  2. Then I found a 300 paged book and finished it.
  3. "Not exactly...but my mum would k!ll me if I don't send her birthday present!" I say to Sky, frowning " It's cold....I'm gonna bring my sweater now." I say to myself and go to my common room
  4. "Did the wind outside subdue? I need to send an owl and the wind might blow the owl away!" I ask Sky, who had just accidentally smacked Prof. Sindor with the end of her scarf.
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