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  1. I’m gonna go with #3?
  2. Innocent. Has ever set a goal and gave up on it?
  3. Unfortunately some of the concertgoers grabbed onto the port key and came with him.
  4. A puffskein! I’m thinking of something that’s bright red and tasty.
  5. Have only 2 best friends and no other friends. Would you rather have Hermione’s time turner or Harry’s invisibility cloak?
  6. Sky Marsh

    True or False

    True! Has all the Harry Potter books at their house?
  7. Is it a person inside a painting at Hogwarts?
  8. Innocent. I think it would be fun to go though! Has ever dropped food on the floor and picked it up and ate it 2 minutes later?
  9. Pillows interrogate nemesis Kangaroos
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