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  1. Oooh, so many lovely gifts! It's so hard to choose but I think I shall choose Wil Lestrange. Right now it's fall and there are so many lovely leaves I would wish to preserve. And part of me wants to test the limits of what the box can save or preserve for me. So Wil is our king now. *takes the gift and curtseys, passing the crown to Wil*
  2. I would like to trade my red shield for something yellow, please.
  3. Fluffy the Fractious What about Buckbeak?
  4. It is now 'improvised weapon jousting' and points are awarded for creativity in finding a new weapon out of common supplies. Oh dear, some of the house elves have gotten into the butterbeer and are making a ruckus while the King is trying to make a speech. How can we calm them down?
  5. Peeves the Puckish What about the Bloody Baron?
  6. I chose to go a different route. This is Gryffindor's festival, after all, perhaps the dancers should reflect more of that. So I went for a warrior/ranger inspired look since the first thing I think of when I think of bravery is warriors. Obviously, true metal armor would be a bit heavy, so instead the jacket reflects those lines, especially with how it buttons up like an officer's coat. There's a little shoulder capelet, again tying into a warrior (duelist in this case), but also adding a bit of flounce for when they do their spins and skips. I raised the skirts to be knee-high so there's less of a tripping hazard with them but kept it full for again flounce reasons. Flounces are very important. I also added leather boots that are flat for comfort and ease of movement. Finally, I added in bracers on the wrist, again tying into the warrior vibe as well as adding shine. There's also a circlet for them to wear, which is really there for shine. I also suggest a braid to wear their hair in, as I used to find them comfortable and convenient and they have a bit more flair than just a ponytail. Plus, even modern-day warrior women tend to wear their hair closer to their head.
  7. Vincent Crabbe the Conflagrant. What about Gregory Goyle?
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