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  1. I am in an abandoned class room near the Dungeons that I have made my own. Where I do other school work or just relax by a good book and listening to music
  2. Queen is a band but they are great and my favorite singers are Freddie Mercury (Queen), John Barrowman, and George Strait
  3. Well that is a little hard to say, but I mostly like the oldern Country Music, Gospel, and some Rock. Like right now I am really into the band Queen from the 70's and 80's
  4. Gryffindor - Fire Hufflepuff - Earth Ravenclaw - Water because to me Knowledge flows like currents in a river. Or is unpredictable like waves in an ocean, never knowing when it may hit you. Slytherin - Air
  5. OK this so far off. But I would like to know who is a fan of the Rock Band Queen from to 70's and 80's? And what are your favorites by them? Mine are: 1. Bohemian Rhapsody 2. I Want to Break Free 3. A Crazy Little Thing Called Love 4. I Want It All
  6. Well with School out forever, I would have to with the Graduation Song from High School Musical Do you WANT TO BREAK FREE?
  7. So Guilty of that but because usually I can't get it out of my head or it grew on me (like Queen's Radio Ga Ga) Innocent or Guilty Ever stayed up all night writing and listening to music
  8. Well that one is kind of tough. But I would have to say nuts, since I can't afford them I don't really eat them as much as it is. Would You Rather: Go Back in time and go to a Queen Concert? OR Be in a favorite movie of yours for the rest of your life?
  9. Brave to me is standing up for what you believe in no matter what. Serving your country because you love it no matter what.
  10. The year I would have started Hogwarts is way after the battle since I was born in 1997. The Year is 2008.
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