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  3. I slap Lora for joking bout my name XD
  4. Last week
  5. I slap Ivey for coming up with the name 'Gnash' ( Just found out it meant grinding your teeth in rage XD )
  6. I slap Lora for having a great signature!
  7. I slap Sky for having two adorable pets !
  8. True. I am a sleepyhead in the morning. So , even if a person wakes me up I goes back to my sleep anyway. Had sleepwalked ?
  9. I slap Ivey for 'borrowing' my prefect badge in spite of having her own.
  10. Sky Alton

    True or False

    True. I've lost count of how many Finds it really hard to think in the morning
  11. True. Watermelon popsicles are super yummy ! Has written your own story ?
  12. I slap Adaleine for forgetting to snap her final cards!
  13. False Has made their own popsicles?
  14. I slap Emily for joining HOL while I was away
  15. Innocent Has started a craft but not completed it
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