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  9. Thank you all! It was great :)
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  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SKY!!! Hope you had a fantastic day! :D
  13. Happy birthday, Sky! Hope you had a great day.
  14. Congratulations to Maxim Trevelyan for being the first to complete all tasks and to correctly guess the treasure. :)
  15. Happy birthday, Sky. :)
  16. Happy birthday to the wonderful Head Student!!!!
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  20. It’s the summer but there’s still a chance to earn some points and put yourself (and the house) in a strong position at the start of next term. The Book Club is discovering how communication changed over the centuries and they need your help. Check out the History of the Word subforum on the HOL forum for puzzles, creative challenges and the chance to dive into ancient cultures. There are 30 house points up for grabs each week until July 29th. Lions are already taking part which is amazing - keep it up you guys! (Check out the Reading Challenge while you’re there) Once you’re done with those points, there are also activities going on all over (they’re worth beans and other non-point shaped things but I’ll break with tradition and include them as it’s summer!). As well as our own summer quest, there are summer camps from Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff and a chance to backpack with Hollers. The Summer Quidditch league is going on so be sure to take the opportunity to brush up on your flying (and your trivia). Check out the posts on the HOL blog for links to everything going on!
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