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20 Questions

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  The aim of the game is simple, guess what someone's thinking in 20 questions or less.


  The person who is it will think of a character, creature or  object from the  wizarding world. They will then answer questions that can be answered with yes, no or I'm not sure.


For example:

Person 1: I'm thinking of something...

Person 2: 1. Is it alive?

Person 1: No

Person 3: 2. Is it at Hogwarts?

Person 1: Yes...



You can guess at any time. If you get it right, then you're it and have to answer questions. If not, the round continues.

If the questions run out before anyone guesses the thing, then that person is it for another round.

 Number your questions so we don't lose track (and no, you don't get your own set of 20, we're all working as a team here so use them wisely)

While you don't need to wait for the previous question to be answered before asking another one, remember that you might be wasting a question depending on what that answer reveals.

If the person thinking of the thing doesn't reply within 5 days, you can start the game afresh


Now to start....

I'm thinking of a thing

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Question 8: Is it used for schoolwork? (ie. writing essays, textbooks, a class, etc...)

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Yes, multiple people use it

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