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  1. New bedsheets. Yas. I'm thinking of something that has milk.
  2. I slap Dario for being a joy in my life.
  3. I, uh...Not intentionally, but I'm sure it has happened. Have you ever hopped on one foot in the middle of a store?
  4. Shout out to the Gryffindor Quidditch Team for a truly great game today! Go Lions!

  5. If you haven't checked out the new Gryff Paw Print, go look!

  6. Don't forget to participate in discussions! We're having a blast! <3

  7. Come on, guys! I want to know about what you do to relax at Hogwarts and where you go! Entertain me! Please. I need entertainment sustenance!
  8. As you all know there are so many tests out there that decide your Patronus for you. I want to take this opportunity to give you the chance to to decide your own Patronus. What you feel in your spirit, your soul. The Patronus you believe to be yours. Myself...It's complicated. I believe my Patronus would be a Phoenix (super pretentious, right?). I'm constantly re-imagined. And reborn with my ideas and personality, other than my crazy side. So, as a Phoenix is reborn from their ashes, I think this is fitting. Tell me your Patronus, not just what some website told you! I would love to know!
  9. Common Welsh Green Dragon. I'm thinking of something refreshing and cool.
  10. "What I hate" Ignorance by Paramore "Where's your gavel? Your jury? What's my offense this time? You're not a judge but if you're gonna judge me Well sentence me to another life." What is your deepest desire?
  11. "It's a slow cinnamon summer; your spell is pulling me under." Jome - Cinnamon Summner
  12. I slap SKY because I love her so much and adore her.
  13. Yes, the Scarlet Letter in 11th grade. That book is insane Old English. Has read fanfiction for over 9 hours at one time.
  14. *sips on a cool Pumpkin juice under that infamous tree by the Black Lake* Hello, my beautiful people! I am coming to you from the edge of the Black Lake with a curious question for you all. I hope you will honor me by letting me know what you think and what your ideas are. At Hogwarts, this lovely school where we attend and/or teach, where do you love to hang out and relax when you're not in classes or doing homework (or avoiding taking O.W.L.S)? Let's say it's Saturday and you have the whole day ahead of you: what are you doing? Where are you going? Maybe, even, who are you going with? Do you have a secret spot? As a professor, I cherish the free time I have when I'm not working on The Gryffindor Paw Print or teaching classes. Or when I'm not in my Hobbit-hole of a dungeon hiding from the world. Personally, I really enjoy catching some sun by the Black Lake under a beech tree. I'll take a good novel out and read for a bit or watch the students throw food into the lake for the Giant Squid. I'll also secretly hope that no one gets picked up by a tentacle by the ankle. While it was rather funny last year, the paperwork and notifying parents was an absolute nightmare. So, tell me, where are your favorite spots?
  15. Well, since my original drink was overruled...I'm going to go with a drink related to coffee, life a frappe. I love those any time of the year.
  16. Submit to the Paw Print for February! Info in The Quivering Quill! Happy New Years!

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