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  1. Glass of butterbeer for me please.
  2. There are lumps of strangely shaped armour at the side, blackened and dinged. After closer inspection you see that it's iron armour for battle horses. The black singe is quite extensive and will need a lot of cleaning and tempering to repair. Where it's not singed, the armor is very scrapped and broken. The armour has a barely recognizable crest on its front, two eagles intertwining during flight. It seems that the horse and, quite likely, its knight met an unfortunate end when bravely facing down a mighty dragon. Despite them being victims of incineration, their bravery made sure that other knights were able to rescue the princess in distress and slayed the beast.
  3. I offer you a sword encrusted with emeralds with which you'll be able to defeat all your enemies.
  4. Zacharias Smith the Prissy. How about Minerva McGonagall?
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