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  1. A Sword, Bow and Arrows, Blue shield, and blue plumed helmet please
  2. I would like: Quill, Inkwell, Lion Pin, Gryfftoberfest Flag, Wooden Flute, Pair of gold dice, Blue handkerchief, and yellow handkerchief, thank you
  3. *Looks over menu* i would liiiiike... a Doughnut, Gryfftoberfest cake, Butterbeer, and some blue candies, please
  4. A blue doublet, blue gloves, and red gloves please (on must have a pair of gloves for every occasion!)
  5. I'm willing to trade: wooden flute, sword, red plumed helmet, and boots (combined shop value: 105 coins) together in exchange for something with a combined value of no less than 60 coins from the following list: Red and blue gloves (15 c each) Blue doublet (30 c) Green thing that isn't gloves (5-20 c) Yellow thing that isn't gloves or the same as the green thing (5-20 c) Doughnut (20 c) Piece of Gryfftoberfest cake (45 c) Butterbeer (40 c) Blue Candies (20 c) Sapphire ring (50 c) Blue handkerchief (5 c) Blue shield (20 c) Blue plumed helmet (20 c) 60 coins would do just fine too, also willing to hear counteroffers
  6. I hope this'll do '^.^ edit: hmmm wait didn't work edit2: there we go, that is some strict size restrictions Sources: http://www.webestools.com/signatures-maker-forum-phpbb-sig-generator-images-banner-signature-online-photoshop.html https://unofficial-card-monsters.fandom.com/wiki/Eagle_Archer
  7. I aim for the yellow candies again
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