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  1. A yellow handkerchief, please!
  2. I'd like the red gloves, please
  3. I would like a bow and arrow, a green shield, a suit of armor, a sword, a green plumed helmet and a battle axe, please.
  4. I am aiming for the pair of boots.
  5. I am aiming for mystery item 1 too.
  6. I am still aiming for the sword too!
  7. I am aiming for a pair of boots!
  8. Avatar: picture of an archer from the waist up, drawing a bow. Archer, bow and arrow are all green, white background. siggy: black background, on the right-hand side an archery target with a green-feathered arrow sticking out of the middle, "Gryfftoberfest 2019" written in red font on the left-hand side. Gold Awarded!
  9. I am aiming for the bow and arrows!
  10. I aim for the red plumed helmet.
  11. I am aiming for the bow and arrows!
  12. Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the waves What kind of pet would you most like to have?
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