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    6900 :DDD YAY!!!
  2. The song that immediately came to mind is Dance Monkey by Tones and I. This song has such an unusual beat and is one of my favorite ones to listen to because it gets me all pumped up and excited. The way she sings it - the volume and parts of her voice she uses - is so unique. Cool Kids by Echosmith would be another great one because its beat changes quickly. At one point it could be a song to jump around to and the next you'd be slow dancing so there would always be a variety of way to interpret the dance. Geronimo by Sheppard has to be included. This song has the best beat to it and the constant stomping in the background which would get any crowd excited. It's almost the kind of song you could have a complicated tap dance to.
  3. *waltzes in* Come on guys, we definitely need some rainbow roses, I've had these specially delivered \o/ Roses are beautiful on their own, but when you've added a variety of dye to them, it makes them all the more. These are sure to add a nice bit of color to the feast. Image shows rainbow roses in a clear vase.
  4. Puzzles are definitely my favorite part of any assignment because I've always loved piecing them together. Besides that, I have to agree with you that opinion questions are the best because you're writing how you feel about an issue and not presenting a list of facts in the form of a research essay. I've only had a few classes like this, but I love having the chance to watch a video and then answer questions on it. Fill in the Blanks/Short Answer/True or False are really easy to do, but there's also a big chance you'll mess it up and have points off. When I decide to do one of those options, I always make sure my homework goes over the 60 points so I can make up for them if one's wrong.
  5. Image shows a swan with gold shinies and a crown swimming at night with a rainbow behind her and "Have a Magical Birthday" written above. Happy Birthday, Isa! Have a great one :D
  6. Yessss :D Your turn!
  7. Yesss i _ ua _ as (7 letters) Lives: 2
  8. An i and s, no l, t, or e. i _ _ a _ as (7 letters) Lives: 2
  9. This is a school called Durmstrang which is known for associations with the Dark Arts and Viktor Krum attended it.
  10. Iverian Gnash

    Going Global

    If you thought we would allow you to stay inside and enjoy your summer, you're unfortunately mistaken so pack your bags! This summer we'll be touring four wizarding schools - Beauxbatons, Castelobruxo, Ilvermorny, and Uagadou - to broaden our horizons.
  11. No R or O :/ _ _ _ a _ a _ (7 letters) Lives: 5
  12. Yes, there is one A, there are no B's. _ _ _ a _ a _ (7 letters) Lives: 7
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