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  1. I slap Sky for being tied with me for November house points. Now that's seriously rude... XD
  2. I slap Emerald for... editing her post XD
  3. The items are now in your possession, my lady :)
  4. Everyone gets three more shots at the archery range!
  5. Gold awarded to this point :D
  6. Unfortunately, you don't hit the sword :(
  7. Transaction complete my ladies!
  8. A trained swordsman battles it out with his opponent. The swords clash and bang against each other as they parry their opponent's moves. You watch them carefully as they move around the playing field trying to distract the other and make the winning move. They're very meticulous about how they move and where they place their feet as to not be thrown off balance. Help the swordsman win the battle by solving the puzzle below to move him around the field in the right pattern. Larger image: https://i.postimg.cc/FHzKSJgb/swords.png Send me the solution to earn 20 gold pieces!
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