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  1. I'd take bedpans over magical beasts any day. Would you rather serve detention in the Forbidden Forest or the Great Lake?
  2. I slap Iverian for being lost in her imagination.
  3. Rule 9: Try knitting. It's a great stress-reliever.
  4. When I did the Patronus test on Pottermore, it told me my Patronus was a wolf. Though I'm inclined to believe it would actually be a horse since I'm very fond of them and enjoy riding.
  5. On my third year, I'd probably choose Arithmancy. Arithmancy is closely related to number and is found to be more reliable than Divination. I am not too sure about what my second elective would be. Muggle Studies seems like an easy way out. Ancient Runes don't sound appealing to me and I'm not that great of an animal caretaker, either. Divination sounds like the most logical option, even though I have my reservations about the discipline in itself. Maybe the course would change my opinion. I think Hogwarts is missing some key subjects such as Languages, Literature, Mathematics and other core subjects that even wizards would benefit from. On top of that, there should be some vocational subjects where one can learn about the wizarding economy, healing, etc.
  6. One of my all time favourites is Netflix's The Crown. It follows the life of the Queen and the royal family since her marriage to Prince Phillip. I particularly enjoy the fidelity to true events in the plot. Of course, it being a TV drama series, there are things that had to be altered, but I feel that was done in moderation compared to other "based on true events" series. It's rumoured to be the most expensive TV series ever produced, as the team is really detail-oriented. I'm impatiently awaiting the third season which is scheduled to air later this year. They've had to create a larger gap between the second and third seasons since they replace the cast every two seasons. They have announced a total of six seasons where the final would lead up to the present day.
  7. Innocent. I came close to 6 hours once, but never more. Has a secret passion for Yahtzee. (I discovered mine a few years back.)
  8. I slap Zenix for introducing me to some '70s and '80s music.
  9. That must be Ryan Gossling... Err... Lemonade? I'm thinking of something silky.
  10. 3889 Speaking of cool numbers, let's see who gets to post 4000? :P
  11. @Prof. Zenix James You didn't tell me what to do as a goose, so I might as well go again... Goose!
  12. Happy birthday, Zenix! Hope you have a good one. Cheers to that!
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