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  1. Being a professor definitely has perks as I don't have to mind for luggage allowance. First of all, I think I'll arrange to have (1) my piano moved. After all, I am set to claim the Slughorn office and there is bound to be enough space for a pianoforte. I would also make sure to bring my (2) Foe Glass with me, you never know what's luring. Then there is the (3) emerald gobstones set. I used to be on the Hogwarts Gobstone Team as a student. The (4) flying carpet I bought when I visited the Arabian Peninsula is very dear to me. Although, I tend not to keep any furniture on it as it randomly levitates a few centimetres off the ground. A shelf populated with (5) expensive bottles of appropriate drinks is a must. Then I also have to bring enough (6) crystal stemware. Both are for when Sky decides to pop up and discuss the mess her hippogriff has made and obviously for when I entertain, since that is one of my favourite pastimes. I could never leave out the (7) photographs of people dear to me, so I there is likely going to be a corner dedicated just just photographs. I do not intend to leave out my (8) traditional coffee brewing set and a (9) porcelain tea pot with matching cups. Finally, my (10) knitting and crocheting equipment has to go with me as well. Is there anything more calming than making something with your own hands next to a fireplace over a cup of tea or coffee and then having a guest or guests over for drinks, a round of gobstones and a nice sing-along by the piano?
  2. I knew that waiting for someone else to be goose would pay off! Please update your signature and avatar here to reflect the pair on HOL forum and add "Prof. Brighton is wonderful and I wish I had at least half his fabulous." Duck!
  3. Can? Maybe I do. Will? Never. Is either eating, snacking or sipping something as they are browsing this forum.
  4. I refuse to say Despacito so I will go with... Are you thinking of Hello by Adele? :D I'm thinking of someone loud and scary.
  5. Actually, it's #2. I am proficient in over 8 different programming languages off the top of my head. :P
  6. Kindly change your signature to read: "Sky Alton is the best thing to have happened to Gryffindor except Dario becoming overlord." Duck!
  7. I might have done that last Sunday. >_> Has met a person from HOL in real life.
  8. Slaps Zenix because she tried to hit me with a pineapple.
  9. Guilty. Thankfully there are buttons wherever I look. Prefers savoury snacks to sweets.
  10. Zee is getting promoted to my PR agent. Duck!
  11. Should have suspected that! My favourite colour is blue. I am proficient in 3 programming languages. My phone is a Samsung.
  12. False. :/ Enjoys black tea.
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