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  1. Care to earn some points for the house and have fun? Make sure to sign up for Mx HOL!

  2. Has everyone signed up for classes? :)

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    2. Patrick James

      Patrick James

      I did as well, took 5 this time. Hopefully I can finish all of them :P 

    3. Irwan Dharmawan

      Irwan Dharmawan

      I did :D, 5 class in a row. Ready to do some research hha

    4. Alessandra Grace

      Alessandra Grace

      YEEES!! Ready to earn points :D

  3. Everyone, go check out February Den Challenge in the Den forum category! :D

    1. Ailime Wright

      Ailime Wright

      Beans, beans, beans :D

    2. Kim Alting

      Kim Alting

      Yay, Yay, Yay :P

  4. I am so proud of our team for this unbelievable game. Thank you, guys. :)

    1. Prof. Jenny Lupin

      Prof. Jenny Lupin

      Thanks for being there to cheer us on!!! :D

    2. Prof. Zenix James
  5. Is everyone excited for the brand new school year to start? :)

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    2. Ciara Black

      Ciara Black

      So keen! Can't wait to teeaaacchhhh!

    3. Ailime Wright

      Ailime Wright

      Yeahh, can't wait :D

    4. Prof. Tom Foster

      Prof. Tom Foster

      Yep, very much excited :) Should hopefully be a fun year.

  6. Yo, people, help me with the Scavenger Hunt! Visit the Gryfftoberfest forum for info! :D

  7. Class sign ups are now open! :D

    1. Aurora Lestrange

      Aurora Lestrange

      Prof. Can we start sending in hw, or would you prefer we waited? For treasure hunt i mean.

    2. Prof. Dario Brighton

      Prof. Dario Brighton

      I prefer you wait until September 1st. The same goes for other classes.

  8. Yo, peoplez, don't forget to check out Globe Race and form a team! (It'd mean a lot to Scarlet and me *coughs*)

  9. It's official. My comp hates me. It broke for no reason and it won't let me install a new system. Computerless for a few days.

    1. Prof. Dario Brighton

      Prof. Dario Brighton

      Woohoo! Fixed it myself... I didn't have the nerves to wait for the repairman. :D

  10. Hello, Lions! :D

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    2. Prof. Jenny Lupin

      Prof. Jenny Lupin

      Hi Dario! Welcome to Gryff!! Sorry this welcome is so late... -__- So happy you are here, though!!! :D

    3. Prof. Dario Brighton

      Prof. Dario Brighton

      Haha, thanks. I'm happy to be here! :D

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