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  1. Congratulations to all!! Such great accomplishments this year. :dancer:
  2. Seraphina Severus Hope you had a fantastic birthday and the party can last many days afterwards!
  3. I earned 2 quills!!! Second year here I come!!!!!!!

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    2. Aurora Lestrange

      Aurora Lestrange

      Good Luck Kailey, I want to apply to be a Jr. Prefect next year!

    3. Kailey Jones

      Kailey Jones

      Good luck to you too!

  4. Welcome April, the month of fools Don't forget, Gryffindor rules Remember, it's still time for school Don't just sit on your wooden stool So, earn points and stay cool Spices will cheer for you, by the pool!

  5. How did I get into Camp Squishy? please

  6. Is it too early to challenge Kadina with Mahjong? >.>

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