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    We all know that there’s no safer place than Hogwarts. But even in the safest place in the world, it pays to be prepared. The Head of House has instructed me to come up with an Emergency Kit for the Gryffindor Common Room so that we are perfectly prepared for any crisis (house elf strike, rampaging hippocampi, spell gone wrong) that almost certainly, probably, hopefully won’t happen. Unfortunately, I’ve been far too busy to gather the items we’ll need so I’ve decided to crowd source the kit from our wonderful students, staff and visitors. I call it the Cleverly Collaborative Crisis Coping Collection Initiative. Now I know that you don’t all have access to top of the range emergency gear with the first Hogsmeade visit so far away so we may have to improvise a bit with stuff we already have lying around the place… Please contribute items that you think would be useful to the emergency kit and explain why you’re adding them. The reasons can be silly or serious. The catch is, they must be items that you already own: it would be particularly fun if they were items that you can see from wherever you are when you respond but just something you own is fine too. As this is an icebreaker, it would also be good if the items gave us a hint about your interests or personality. You may post as many times as you like, though not back to back. I’ll begin… I’ll donate my fluffy flamingo as we might be able to use it as a decoy or distraction in an emergency.
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    I would add in the Quintuple-C Initiative (I hope I used the right word) my knitting wool and needles! The wool can be used as a distraction and sometimes even be used to set up traps if needed, and knitting can be a good stress reliever, to get your mind off things, and you'd get a scarf or whatever you build out of it to stay warm and comforted too! Maybe even the softness of the material can help deter danger, maybe if you were chased by someone, and all they needed was a soft, warm sweater to be happy, you'd be ready to both save yourself and make someone happy. (Did I make sense?)
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